Management in Education


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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Psychological and Pedagogical Education
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Management in Education
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of psycho-pedagogical education
Admission tests: —
Pedagogy and Psychology (test)

Admission plan for 2014: budget places – 9, other places – out of budget

Tuition fees: 50 000 rub. per year.

Currently, the modern system of preschool education needs innovative approaches to training and education of preschool children. Shortage of qualified personnel in preschool educational institutions and new requirements for professional staff in the field of early childhood education requires updated content forms and methods of training.

This program aims to prepare the psychological and pedagogical training for different types of psycho-pedagogical activity in modern preschools, children’ art centers, development centers and education.

Masters of psycho-pedagogical education program «Management in Education» can work in the public, correctional, inclusive, preschool education, correctional and developmental centers, child’s development centers, centers of children’s creativity, in institutions of further education, social centers, in the MIA.

They can perform the following professional activities:

  • Education-
  • Research-
  • Scientific and methodological
  • Organizational and management.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Pedagogy of international relations and fostering of tolerance
Legal basis of management activities
Technological approach to the management of a modern educational system
Recent trends in education in the world
Master’s thesis defence
Psychology. Modern approaches to development of personality Administrative and economic aspects of educational organization Planning, design, correction of administrative activity Design and examination of educational systems
Strategic, social, and educational management Information technology in education management -State standard as the global criterion of management activities

The main directions of modernization of the education system, the prospects of Russian education

Personal and professional characteristics of a manager in management of a modern educational organization

Innovation as a resource for the modern university: the commercialization of research and development results

Certification, accreditation, licensing of the educational organization Problem-solving and project learning, activation of the educational process
Human resource management

Courses for student’s choice


Production management practice in educational institutions (complexes) of potential employers, Moscow (SBEI Secondary School 1191, SBEI secondary school 1411 with in-depth study of English, SBEI Secondary School 962, SBEI kindergarten 288, SBEI Center of pedagogical skills, Moscow)

research — on the topics of dissertations

Master classes and meetings

Issues of licensing and accreditation of educational activities – T.I. Fed`ko, the specialist of the Federal Service for Oversight of Consumer Protection and Welfare —

Specificity of managerial activity in the context of Moscow educational district — A.D. Obraztsova, the deputy chief of the District Department of Education in Moscow Central Administrative Okrug.

Novel approaches to the management of an educational system – S. I. Vasil`eva, the principal of the educational park № 1191 —

Personal and professional performance optimization — N. P. Bolotova, docent, the Candidate of Psychological Sciences —

Management of a modern educational institution or a comprehensive school – N.N. Ovchinnikova, the headmaster of the high comprehensive school № 1411, Teacher Emeritus of RF`s schools, Honorable Person in National Education, the «Moscow grant» prizewinner —


A master’s diploma in psycho-pedagogical education (Master’s degree program: -«Management in education»)


Psychology of business communication and management —

Management in education —

Personnel management

Licensing and accreditation of an educational organization

Personnel certification of an educational organization —

Competences of a graduate

A graduate is able to develop and implement an educational policy at the level of an educational institution, municipalities and regions.

A graduate is able to manage an interprofessional interaction of specialists in an educational institution.

A graduate is able to examine an educational milieu of an institution and to determine administrative facilities of an institution for its further development. —


Moscow Department of Education.

Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Education and Science (RF)

Ministry of Education of the Moscow Region

Public budgetary educational institution, -high comprehensive school № 1191

City public charitable organization, Inclusion education center № 288

Psycho-pedagogical residential treatment center for orphan children

Integration in scientific investigations of the University and fulfilling customer`s conditions on the problem of an educational institution administration. —

Contact information:
  • Shcherbacov Uriy Ivanovich
  • 8(495) 376-76-56

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