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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 года
Branch of training: —
Specialized (defectological) education
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Speech therapy work with people with disabilities
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of special (defectologдефектоical) education
Admission tests: —
Basics of defectology (test, interview)

Professional activities: remediation , diagnostics, advisory and preventive activities, research, teaching, organizational and administrative activities, cultural and educational activities in general education, specialized (correctional) preschool and school educational institutions, in psychological, medical and pedagogical consultation centers , psychological, medical and pedagogical support centers, in secondary and higher education institutions, scientific research institutions working in the field of education, health and social protection.

Admission plan for 2014: all places are out of budget

Tuition fee: 80 000 rub. per year

Graduate’s professional field of activities:

Psychological and educational diagnostics-

teaching and upbringing, development and correction work with persons with disabilities throughout the pedagogical process-

psychological and educational support to participants of the educational process-

teaching in secondary and higher education institutions and the organization of the educational process-

research activities.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Ontogeny and dysontogenesis of speech development of individuals with health disabilities
Psychopedagogical diagnostics of speech disturbance of individuals with health disabilities
Age-specific and gender technologies of speech inspection
Innovative forms of organization of education for -individuals with health disabilities
Research work
Development of special education in Russia and abroad: traditions and modernity — Communication disorder of -individuals with health disabilities and its correction Prophylaxis of speech disturbance Differentiated logopedic massage -within the system of correction of health disabilities Master’s thesis -defence
Health-saving technologies in education of children with health disabilities Organization of the activities of an interdisciplinary group of specialists Designing and elaboration of a differentiated program of correction and development for individuals with health disabilities Externship
Inclusive education for children with health disabilities

Psychopedagogical support for individuals with health disabilities

Formation of the preparedness for pre-school education of children with health disabilities Research work
Externship Externship
Research work Research work

Research work

Elective course


• -Child Development Center «Podsolnukh»

• Child Development Center «Defectologist»

• SBEI Gymnasium 1748 «Vertical»

• -Research Institute of Neurology, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences,

• Center of Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation and others.

Master classes and meetings

• Public lectures and master classes by leading scientists- -academician of RAO, doctor of psychology, professor Lubovsky V.I.- academician of RAO, doctor of psychology, professor Shklovsky V.M.- -doctor of psychology, professor Wiesel T.G.- -doctor of biology, professor -Morozov V.P.- -doctor of pedagogy, professor Orlova O.S.- -doctor of pedagogy, professor Arkhipova E.F.- -doctor of pedagogy, professor Filicheva T.B. -and others.


A master’s diploma in special (defectological) education, (master`s degree program: «Speech therapy work with people with disabilities»)


Graduate’s skills set

The ability to research, to design, to implement the processes of education, habilitation, rehabilitation, social adaptation and integration of people with disabilities with the use of innovational technologies

The ability to consult people with special needs, their family members, their relatives and concerned adults, educators, including those at the educational institutions, who perform inclusive education on the subject of organization and realization of the individual educational and rehabilitation programs

The ability to design, test and implement the psycho-educational technologies to identify abnormalities in the development


Center of Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation -http://www.cprin.ru/

Department of elocution of Theatre Institute of the Boris Shchukin -http://www.htvs.ru/ru/institute/

Autonomous non-profit organization “ Scientific and methodological center of education, training and social protection of children and young people “SUVAG” http://suvagcentr.ru/ 

Magazines “Logopedics Today” “School speech therapist” “Voice and Speech” ( publication of Master’s articles )

Humboldt University, Berlin http://www.hu-berlin.de/ 

University of Gdansk, Poland http://www.ug.edu.pl/pl/ 

Jan Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland http://www.ujk.edu.pl/ 

Department of Speech Therapy, Southwest University Neophyte Rilski, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria http://www.swu.bg/ 

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