Pre-school psychology and pedagogy


Our adress: building 4, 18 — Tashkentskaya street, Moscow

Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”


Pnone number: (495) 376-76-56


Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
5 years
Branch of training: —
Pre-school psychology and pedagogy
Profile: —
Pre-school psychology and pedagogy
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelors of education in psychology and pedagogy
Admission tests: —
Russian language (USE), Biology (USE), Social science (USE).

The modern system of preschool education needs innovative approaches to training and education of preschool children. Shortage of qualified personnel in preschool educational institutions and new requirements for professional staff in the field of early childhood education requires updated content forms and methods of training.

This program aims to prepare the psychological and pedagogical training for different types of psycho-pedagogical activity in modern pre-school educational institutions , children’s art centers , development centers and education.

The admission plan for 2014: budget — 15 seats (full time), extra budgetary (intramural and extramural forms).
Cost of training: full — time-100 000 roubles per year, correspondence — 36 000 RUB per year.

Bachelors of psycho-pedagogical education profile «Psychology and Pedagogy of preschool education » can work in the public , correctional , inclusive , preschool education, correctional and developmental centers, child development centers , centers of children’s creativity , in institutions of further education, social centers in the MIA .

They can perform the following professional activities :

• Training and educational-
• Socio- educational —
• Scientific and methodical —
• Cultural and educational —
• Organizational and management .

In preparation of Bachelors of psycho-pedagogical education profile «Psychology and Pedagogy Preschool Education » SMSUH focuses on the following professional competencies:

• Readiness — to use qualitative and quantitative methods in psychological and educational research —
• Readiness to use knowledge of the different learning theories of education and development , basic education programs for students in pre-school, primary school and adolescence —
• Readiness to use knowledge of regulations and domain knowledge in cultural and educational work —
• Readiness to use in the main professional activity , international and national documents on children’s rights and the rights of persons with disabilities-
• Readiness to use approved standard methods and technologies to solve diagnostic and remedial developmental problems —
• Willingness to enforce communication and pedagogical conditions of development of preschool children in an educational institution .

You will learn to:

In the field of psycho-pedagogical support of preschool, general , further and vocational education:

• Perform work with teachers to organize effective training interaction of children and their communication in educational institutions and in the family-
• Create in extracurricular activities favorable conditions for development of creative abilities of each child.

In the field of psycho- pedagogical activity:

• Conduct correction and developmental activities on recommended procedures —
• Perform work with teachers to organize effective training interaction of children and their communication in educational institutions and in the family-
• Work with teachers and parents to organize effective learning interactions of children with HIA and their communication in educational institutions and family.

In the field of educational activities in early childhood education:

• Implement a process of training and education in accordance with the basic comprehensive program of preschool education with psychologically based methods of training and education aimed at the development of gaming activities-
• Create optimal conditions for the adaptation of children to pre-school educational institutions .

A distinctive feature of professional Bachelor of psycho-pedagogical education profile «Psychology and Pedagogy Preschool Education » in SMSUH — is that the Faculty of Education has the resources to the educational process : teaching complex , educational-methodical , scientific and methodological tools developed by the faculty of the faculty , provide access to electronic library system containing publications on major subjects studied and material and technical base to provide quality development of the basic education of Bachelor’s Degree program — in particular computer labs with Internet access , a specially equipped classrooms with multimedia equipment .

The Faculty address:
18 (building 4) Tashkentskaya Street, Moscow
Traffic way:
From “Kuzminki” underground station – the buses # 99, 143, 169, minibus taxi # 332m, 337m to the “School” station-
From “Vykhino” underground station – the bus # 209 to the department store “Universam” station, the bus # 169, minibus taxi # 337m to the “School” station

The faculty has highly qualified specialists with Ph.D. During training at the Pedagogical Faculty you have the opportunity to get a quality teacher education that allows to learn the profession of primary school teachers.

Contact information:
  • Antonova Anna Viktorovna
  • 8(495) 376-76-56

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