About Faculty


Faculty Address: 9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there: Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»

— from Kursky railway station to the stop Karacharovo, 2 minutes on foot


Faculty Phone: +7 (499) 174-8284



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The Faculty of Culture and Music Arts is one of the oldest departments of SMSUH- it was established almost half a century ago. The creation of the faculty in 1964 is related to activity, conducted by Art Education Research Institute of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences, initiated by the most outstanding professors of music N.A.Vetlugina, V.N.Shatskaya, T.L.Berkman. This faculty was established under the slogan, proclaiming community of pedagogics and music, and it still serves as traditional base. Famous performers, composers and professors have worked here over the years.
They are: Y.M.Yurovetsky, I.N.Aptekarev, N.I.Stogorsky, S.A.Strakhov, E.A.Krasotina, Yu.P.Piterin, M.A.Ovchinnikov, A.M.Mirek, A.I.Mikita, L.P.Levchenko. Today one can see among the professors of the faculty:
People’s Artist of Russia, Professor B.N.Kudryavtsev, People’s Artist of Russia, Professor N.V.Baskov, Honored Artist of — Russia, Professor V.M.Syutkin, music producer, Professor A.A.Mikoyan (Stas Namin) , Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor L.A.Sharnina, Honoured Artist of Russia, Professor G.A.Shirinskaya, laureate of international competitions, Professor — L.M.Sedryakyan, Honoured Art Worker, Professor V.L.Kudrya, Professor L.Y.Zhuk , laureate of international competitions Shang Rong, Dean of the Direction Art Faculty in — Russian University of Theatre Arts M.N.Feygin, Honorary Member of International Academy of Sciences San Marino, Professor E.T.Chalbash, Honorary Professor of Verona Conservatory, Professor V.I.Zabiyako, soloist of the Bolshoi Theatre in Russia, laureate of international competitions I.I.Bikulova, famous conductor Suzuki (Japan), Doctors and Professors: T.I.Baklanova, I.N.Nemykina, L.A.Rapatskaya, O.P.Kozmenko.

Versatility of the faculty consists in possibility to help every graduate to find his place in modern music culture that is changing so fast. Our students cope with different competences which then permit them to become proficient as a musician-artist, a musician-professor, and a musician-manager.
According to this, there are four majors at the Faculty:
• — — — Vocal art (classical and pop)
• — — — Musicology and applied music art («Management of music art»)
• — — — Teacher Education (profile «Music Education»)

Professor of Vocal Department Nikolai Baskov:
«Come to our Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities and we will help you to choose the right career»

The Faculty of Culture and Music Art gives students, willing to perform songs, — an opportunity — to — participate in prestigious international competition «Muses of the World«, founded by SMSUH. A lot of our students received various international awards during their education and were invited to work in concert organizations, theatres, orchestras. International Cultural Music Centre was opened at the faculty and it is specialized in supplementary education, there is also Production Center «Art Class», existing for students, who are gifted and believe in bright tomorrow.

Music pedagogy and psychology is another interesting sphere of our faculty. A student looking for a place among the teachers of schools, colleges, universities or in science can pass here the way from Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree to Candidate and Doctor of Science. Over the years of existing, The Faculty of Culture and Music Arts has prepared more than hundred of Candidates and Doctors. Unlike the «pure music» universities, our students are plunged in a fascinating youth university life, participate in various volunteer projects and sport competitions with their «colleagues» from different faculties.
There are 4 Departments at the Faculty of Culture and Music Art:
Musical Instruments Department
Vocal Department
Choral Conducting Department
Cultural Studies and Methodology of Music Education Department

Specialities of the Faculty of Culture and Music Arts give a chance to find a well-paid job and work in following spheres and organizations: musical theatres, pop, pop and jazz groups, philharmonic, other concert halls, symphony orchestras, folk instrumental orchestras, choirs — academic, national and ecclesiastical institutions of culture and art, art schools, secondary schools, gymnasiums, lycées, the system of supplementary education.
Lyudmila A. Rapatskaya, Dean of the Faculty, Doctor of Education, Professor:
«About Prospects And Development of the Faculty of Culture and Music Arts»