About the Institute


The Institute for Modern Linguistic Research (IMLR) is an autonomous scientific unit within Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities (SMSUH). It aims at conducting fundamental and applied researches in the sphere of general, typological and Slavic linguistics, modernizing academic disciplines of linguistic cycle, implementing exact scientific and mathematical methods in cross-disciplinary researches connected with linguistic analysis of text units and integrating the modern theoretical grammar schools of Russia and other countries.

The goals of the Institute for Modern Linguistic Research are staff training and continuing education in the field of general, special and applied linguistic, organizing regular seminars in Language Theory and Methodology of Linguistic Knowledge at Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities, promoting scientific linguistics and its achievements, arranging international conferences on linguistic typology and Slavic linguistics, adapting Russian scientists, graduates and students of linguistic universitites to modern conceptions and research methods used widely in world science, propagating the achievements of the Russian linguistic school, developing academic cooperation with foreign universities and scientific institutions.

There are two laboratories in the structure of IMLR: the Laboratory for General Linguistics and the Theory of Grammar and the Laboratory for Linguistic Typology. The basic department of Computational Linguistics and Formal Language Models (established at SMSUH September 1, 2014) of the Institute for Informational Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences works closely with IMLR. For further information, please visit: https://mggu-sh.ru/en/imlr/structure-0

Three regular scientific seminars are held by IMLR: the Seminar on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (supervisor — A.V. Zimmerling), the Seminar on Ancient Written Text Reading (co-supervisors — A.V. Sideltsev, A.V. Zimmerling, S.Yu. Agishev (Lomonosov Moscow State University)) and the Cross-disciplinary Seminar «Methodology of Scientific Knowledge: Exact and Human Sciences» (a cooperative seminar with the Faculty of Exact Sciences, co-supervisors — S.P. Naselskiy, A.V. Zimmerling).

The international conference on typological linguistics «The Typology of Morphosyntactic Parameters», organized by the IMLR staff since 2011, is conducted on the base of SMSUH. The 2012 and 2013 conferences were held in cooperation with the Institute for Linguistics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The 2014 conference took place on October 15-17 in Moscow. For further information, please visit: https://mggu-sh.ru/en/imlr/events

During 2012-2016 the IMLR staff is participating in scientific research projects of the Russian Science Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Federal special-purpose programme «Academic and pedagogical staff of innovative Russia», the Russian Foundation for Humanities (RFH).

In 2013-2016 IMLR is supervising two Master’s degree programmes: «General and typological linguistics» and «General and computational linguistics». In 2013-2015 IMLR is a participant of a joint international programme organized by the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation and of the Council Of Ministers Of Nordic Countries. The corresponding project NCM-RU 10127 «Collaboration in MA studentsʼ mobility: MA-programmes in General and Slavic linguistics» is devoted to the academic exchange of students, PhD-students, lecturers and professors of Scandinavian and Russian universities. IMLR is a partner of the Center of Investigation and Computation of the Mexican National Politechnical Institute, Scientific Production Association «Android Technology» http://npo-at.com/ and the Laboratory for Computational Linguistics and Informational Problems http://ipiranlogos.com/.