About the Faculty


Faculty Address:
16-18, ul. Verkhnaya Radishevskaya, Moscow

Phone: 8-495-647-4477 (ext. 1711, 1714).
E-mail: istfak-mggy@mail.ru



The faculty of history is one of the first faculties, which were opened in SMSUH in 1951. We have scientists in our staff, who are admitted all over the world. Among them is Sventsistskaya Irina Sergeevna. She is the author of the student’s book «The history of ancient world». It was used to teach a lot of generations of our schoolchildren.

Today the faculty of history is a study-and-scientific department of -SMSUH, where all stages of education are realized:

  • Bachelor’ degree
  • Master’s degree
  • Post-graduate studies
  • Doctorate studies

The high level of training is provided by professors and lecturers of the department of universal and native history. During the educational process our students have different kind of practice: archeological underwater, museum, archives, pedagogical and regional natural history. Two historical museums work in our faculty: «The museum of archeology» and «Military and historical museum«. Historical restoration is one of the most important directions of study here.

If you want to know everything from Egyptian -piramids and hangover of Maya’s tribe to contemporary political processes. If you want to find all connections of the past, future and present you should join our faculty!

A multilevel system of professional training exists at our faculty. It fits the bill of contemporary market of intellectual labour.

The unique course «Life navigation» helps our students to upbuild life priorities and realize their way of archieving a dream.

Individual route of training is one more possibility, which our students can realize, depending on their skills and life interests, including combination of study in the last courses and job according to their professon.

The dean of the faculty is Zhiryakov Ivan Georgievich, who is Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, deserved worker of the Russian Federation’s high school.

Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of the department of the foriegn history, Orlov Aleksandr Anatol’evich «About the Faculty» —