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59, ul. Krasnodarskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 358-3009

Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
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Theory and practice of translation and interpretation
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Admission tests: —
Russian(USE), Foreign Language(USE), Literature(USE).

Today, knowledge of at least one foreign language is a necessity. This dramatically increases the chances of finding a high-paying job, getting an education abroad, travelling around the world. However, knowledge of the language does not make you a translator: This program includes the development of the profile of the theory and practice of translation, special technologies, frameworks of summarization.

The admission plan in 2014: extra budgetary — 35 seats.
Cost of training: 134 000 rubles per year.

Bachelor of Linguistics can work in institutions and organizations engaged in international cooperation to carry out translation work in international and foreign institutions, organizations and enterprises as a performer or middle manager in the following speciality areas:

• organization and communicational
• information and analytical
• editing and publishing
• cultural and educational
• researching
• teaching

In training of Bachelors of linguistics SMSUH — focuses on the following professional competencies :

• providing of intercultural communication in various professional fields
• acting as an intermediary in the field of intercultural communication
• using of different kinds of techniques and technology transfer
• consideration of the nature of the source text and translation for maximum communication
• knowledge of communication in the business sector of the country of the studied language , etiquette formulas in oral and written communication —

You will learn to:
• Conduct professional activities in two foreign languages
• Conduct business meetings in the professional sphere .
• Translate and prepare business and international instruments , international and business correspondence.
• Communicate in the form of monologue and dialogue , specialty and socio -political issues ( paper, communication , presentation, round table discussions , discussion, conclusions , etc.).
• Annotate and abstract foreign language texts , to be able to survey thematic reviews of foreign materials.
• Apply knowledge of the history , culture and geography of the language .
• Express their thoughts free, adequately use various linguistic means to isolate relevant information.
• Possess an official , neutral and informal communication registers .
• Overcome the impact of stereotypes and implement intercultural dialogue in general and professional spheres .
• Possess international etiquette and rules of behavior in different situations of interpretation (accompaniment of a tour group , providing business negotiations , ensuring negotiation of official delegations ) .
• Compile a database of terms, guidelines in career-oriented fields of translation.
• Plan and organize the information search activities aimed at improving professional skills in the field of translation.

A distinctive features of Bachelors of linguistics training in SMSUH — are:

1) the existence of the objective component of the training : Bachelors -interpreters gain knowledge on the basics of related disciplines (international relations , law, management , international tourism , economy ), which increases their competitiveness —

2) practice- orientation of training built on ordering queries of employers.

Students pass the course » Life Navigation» — a unique innovative course designed to develop in students of SMSUH common social competence (initiative , acceptance of responsibility , result orientation , communication skills , self-discipline , the ability to influence others , the ability to align the interests) , which are necessary for the successful implementation of — professional career in the future.

Contact information:
  • Sviridova Larisa Konstantinovna
  • 8 (495) 358-30-09

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