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1664At faculty much attention is paid to practice of students. Certain types of the practice are defined by Basic Educational Program of the branch of training. Practical training, field internship and scientific and research practices are obligatory and represent a type of the studies which are focused on professional and practical training of students. The purposes and tasks, programs and forms of reporting are determined by each type of practice. Practices are carried out at the academic institutes, in the Ministry of Natural Resources, municipal bodies, in faculty laboratories, in field environment on agrobiological station «Lazinky» and other field objects of Russia and abroad, where necessary personnel and scientific and technical potential can be found.

As far as practical training is concerned, students of faculty together with professors participate in the Russian and international scientific expeditions, the organization of ecological tracks, in work of field “School of Nature”.

1666 Performance review is based on the results of practice. It takes place at the department meeting and consists of the report with the recommendations of that organization where the student practised. The section of practical training is research work of the student.

1670 By developing programs of practices students have an opportunity to:
— study special scientific literature and information, achievements of domestic and foreign science in the field of natural sciences-
— carry out collecting, processing, analysis and systematization of scientific and special information on a subject (task)-
— participate in carrying out of scientific researches and development.