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Our adress: building 4, 18 — Tashkentskaya street, Moscow

Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”


Pnone number: (495) 376-9611 from 11 to 20

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деревоThe Faculty of Ecology and Natural Sciences appears from the combination of the two oldest faculties of biology and chemistry and geography. It teaches ecologists, biologists and geographers. The combination of good material and technical base, a strong teaching staff and focus on practice provides guaranteed employment of our graduates and their successful career.
The — teachers of the MGGU of M.A. Sholokhov possess not only theoretical knowledge, but also great amount of practical and methodological skills, which were acquired by them during various expeditions and research trips toJapan, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Italy, Germany, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, the Baltic States and, of course, Russia. Among the Russian regions, which have been studied by teachers, Yamal, — Meschera, Karelia, Kola Peninsula, Altai, Sayan, Western and Central Siberia, Kamchatka.
The faculty consists of three departments:
ecology and nature, biology and biotechnology, geography.
The educational bachelor and master programs are implemented at the faculty. Students study special subjects, subjects of psycho-pedagogical cycle, learn the skills of research work. Curriculum offers various courses, Special practical, field, production and pedagogical practices.
There are modern science-research centers at the faculty.
The Laboratory of environmental biomonitoring studies the biodiversity of ecosystems and the impact of environmental factors on the biotic component of ecosystems by genomics and metagenomics methods. The theoretical and methodological problems of formation of ecological culture in general and professional pedagogical education are studied, educational technology of creative translation of values of environmental culture in the person and in the — society is being developed in the inter-university center for the development of environmental technologies and pedagogical education (ERC «ETPE Center»).
Practices are held in the academic Institutes, in the Ministry of Natural Resources, municipal bodies, in the faculty’s laboratories, in the agrobiostation «Lazinki» and other field sites in Russia and abroad (Eco-camp in Germany), with the necessary human resources, scientific and technical potential.
During botanical and zoological practices in addition to educational purposes, the students also have scientific purposes: the work on the inventory of species of plants and animals of the neighborhoods ABS, independent researchers are performed. Some of these works then develop into coursework and thesis projects. At the end of each term reporting conference are held where students learn how to report their results.
Over the past few years extensive experience in conducting tours was gained, trails were paved. The longest trail — — up to swamp Gran — is 15 miles away.
The students, who successfully graduated from the University, are recommended for admission to postgraduate studies in profile directions of the chairs.
Specialty of Ecology and Natural Sciences help successfully to find a job and work in the following industries and institutions:
• secondary and higher educational institutions of professional education-
• secondary schools, gymnasiums, lyceums-
• establishment of the ecological profile (sanitary epidemiology station, environmental police)-
• medical and scientific — research laboratories-
• planting and landscape beautification of the city-
• wildlife tourism, research in the field of biology-
• local history, ecology and tourism.
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