History of the Faculty


Our adress: building 4, 18 — Tashkentskaya street, Moscow

Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”


Pnone number: (495) 376-9611 from 11 to 20

E-mail: bgfmggu@mail.ru



The Faculty of -Ecology and Natural Sciences traces its origins to the two oldest departments — biology-and-chemistry and geography.

The formation of the faculty took place in the 30th years of the last century in the Lomonosov Moscow State University. After the war department was at first the part of the pedagogical distanced faculty of the Lenin Moscow State Pedagogical University, and in 1951 –part of the structure of MSPDI — Moscow State Pedagogical Distanced Institute. MSPDI — MSDPI- MSDPU –SMSUH – there are all periods of the great development of our faculty.

From the first day of its existence the faculty trains highly qualified teachers for middle and high school. Over the years the department has trained about 12,000 teachers of biology, chemistry, biology and chemistry, geography and biology. We are proud of our graduates, who work successfully in schools, institutions of public education, higher education institutions, and government agencies. They are also leading experts of academic and industrial research institutions. The work of many of them is marked by high state awards and honorary titles.

Since 1995, there is new specialty “Ecology” at the faculty. Graduates in this specialty work at the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, the All-Russian Research Institute of Nature Conservation, the subdivisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in industry as environmental and other organizations from both the public sector and business structures. — — —

950 The first student’s record-book, 1951

953 Graduates,1957

952 1 September, 1970

We are proud of our history and we will be worthy successors!