Pedagogical Education ( Fine arts)


Faculty Address:
12A, ul. Mikhailova, Moscow

Phone: (499) 171-8015

Forms and terms of education: —
5 years
Branch of training: —
Pedagogical Education
Profile: —
Fine arts
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of Pedagogical Education
Admission tests: —
Russian language (USE), Social Science (USE), A creative test: painting (still life)

We realize the training of competitive graduates, who will be ready for a pedagogical activity in the sphere of fine arts, who will be in demand in all levels of art education in the system of secondary, higher and additional education, who realize ethic and artistic mission of art, who will be able to form personal art qualities of pupils and can improve skills and develop in the art sphere.

The admission plan for 2014: extra budgetary.
Cost of training: 50 000 rubles per year.

The sphere of graduate’s professional activity:

  • Education
  • Culture, museum work
  • Social sphere

You can work: in the educational institutions of secondary, specialized secondary, higher and supplementary education, in the museums and exhibit rooms, In social institutions, as an artist or a designer in different industrial structures.

During the educational process students study the following disciplines: academic picture, academic painting, basis of computer graphics (vector, raster and 3D), computer programs (such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Flash, Corel Draw, 3D-studio Maх).

Our students have different types of practices: museum, pedagogical, project and planners. A professional photo studio was opened at our faculty. Classes are also held in the SMSUH Multimedia Journalizm.

Address of the faculty: 12A, Mikhailov St.

How to get there: — «Marxistkaya» metro station, trolleybus. № 63 from the center or «Ryazanskiy Prospect” metro station, trolley. — №63 to the centre till the stop «Stakhanov Street».

Phones of the faculty: — +7 (499) 171-8015


Contact information:
  • Fazylzyanova Guzaliya Ilgizovna
  • 8 (985) 424-33-71

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