Admission for foreigners



1. — Look trough the admission rules below and file the documents -before the deadline (Don’t forget to attach a copy —of the payment receipt)

2. — -Look trough -the list ofadmission tests

Application period

from June, 20


-full time and intra-extramural forms of study — 21, August

-part-time education form — 24, November

Entrance tests

from 16 to 20 August

Admission process

1. Prepare all the documents for the admission (you can find the list below)

We strongly recommend you to check if you need —Nostrification or legalization —of the foreign education certificate.

-2. — -Visit the Admission board -(Moscow, Tashkentskaya st.18, building 4). There you will file the documents and -sign the contract for educational services.

Set of documents

— Copy of the passport (and it’s notarized translation), visa and the migration card (if you need visa support, don’t hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone)-

— The original education certificate (or its notarized copy). It must be properly translated and notarized-

— -Certificate of equivalence (if necessary) or original Diploma from a foreign country (if — necessary) and Diploma Supplements (if it is provided by the legal system of the native country)-

— -Insurance

— — — — — a copy of a Russian visa if the applicant arrived in Russia with such a visa:

— — -coloured photos 3×4 cm.

All entrance examinations in general subjects are held at the Admission Board (Moscow, Tashkentskaya st.18, building 4).
Creative entrance examinations to such faculties as Design, Culture and Music Arts, Fine and Visual arts are held at the building of the chosen faculty in accordance with the schedule.

In case of any problems contact or visit -the -International Relations -Department -(Moscow, Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya St., 16-18)

Pay attention

1. Department of International relations -examines legality of residency of international students in Russia and decides on the necessity of nostrification.
2. In case when the applicant’s education certificate doesn’t confirm the level which is necessary for entering the chosen educational program, the applicant will be rejected (or he/she will be expelled as the student at any stage of education if the equivalent certificate will be received after the entering order).
3. Entering — of the applicant under the contract will be possible only when they bring a copy of payment receipt to the Admission Committee in accordance with the contract.

For any questions: