Pedagogy of pre-school education


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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Psychological and Pedagogical Education
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Pedagogy of pre-school education
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of Educational Psychology and Pedagogy
Admission tests: —
Test: Psychology and Pedagogy

Admission plan for 2014: no budget places.

Tuition fee: 46 000 rub. per year.

Master’s degree program “Pedagogy of pre-school education” is aimed to train graduated expert specialists, who specialize in solving scientific and productive tasks, which are connected with pre-educational problems. According to the direction of the Master’s Degree Program special attention is paid to general questions of pedagogy, pre-school pedagogy, cognitive psychology and pedagogy as one of their top directions of development of psychological and pedagogic science. Applicant should know the material, which is included in disciplines’ programs according to bachelor degree course’s curriculum. He should have broad-based knowledge, outlook and have a clear view of general tendencies of the pre-school pedagogy its development and problems, which are connected with it.

Graduates of the Master’s degree program “Pedagogy of pre-school education” will be in-demand and can work in state and non-state educational organizations, in the sphere of pre-school and school education, in centers of child development, child creativity, agencies of additional education, in social centers. Also graduates can have private pedagogic occupation as a nurse, tutor, and manager of family kinder-garden or child center.

Graduates of this program can realize following types of professional activity:

  • research-
  • psychological and pedagogic-
  • scientific and methodological-
  • institutional and management-
  • pedagogic

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Psychology and pedagogy of childhood
Content of the modern pre-school education (Federal State Educational Standard): educational fields and a situation of child development
Educational innovations: interactive and gaming technology in preschool education
Pedagogic enlightenment and parent education
Presentation of Master’s thesis
History and philosophy of education and science Integration of educational areas in preschool education: developing body-space and game environment Creative pedagogy in preschool education: the development of child creative skills -and productive activities International -trends in preschool education
Methodology and preschool education technique Scientific and methodological support of pre-school education Personality formation of a preschool child: diagnosis and development Foresight of preschool education: prospects for the development of pre-school education
Multicultural environment in preschool education Practical work on methods of project activities organization -in preschool education E-learning resources for preschoolers Practical work on development of an educational program in accordance with modern -technologies and trends in the development of preschool education

Courses for student’s choice


• Psycho-pedagogical practice: SEI CDC (State Educational Institution Child Development Centre) kindergarten №1035 EAD (Eastern Administrative District), Moscow, SEI secondary school № 1420 — Member of the UNESCO Office in Moscow «Moscow education from infancy to school,» the winner of the exhibition of innovations «From teacher’s art to pupil’s art»

• Research and undergraduate: SEI kindergarten «Beryozka» №33 Korolev — the winner of «Best preschool institution 2012.» Methodical Centre of teacher training Zhukovsky

Masterclasses and seminars

Mayer Aleksey Aleksandrovich -D.Ed, professor, theme «Philosophy of preschool education» (Barnaul)
Vishtak Olga Vasilievna D.Ed, professor, theme «Electronic resources in education» (online), Balakovo —
Savenkov A.I. D.Ed, professor, theme «Research activities of preschoolers»
Barykina Elena Konstantinovna, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, docent «Technology works with different materials with preschoolers»
Zdybel Ekaterina Nikolaevna «Interactive whiteboard in preschool education»
Leading experts in the field of preschool education and education management

Master’s degree of psycho-pedagogical education (MA course «Pedagogy of preschool education»)
The ability to understand the high social value of the profession and efficiently perform their professional tasks, observing the principles of professional ethics
Knowledge of modern technologies and the organization of scientific research and the organization of methodical work in preschool educational organizations
The ability to design and carry out diagnostic work
The ability to highlight important issues in the development of preschool education
The ability to establish a work programme on the basis of existing educational programs
The ability to conduct professional activity in multicultural environment
Willingness to use modern interactive games and technology with the needs of each age stage
The Moscow Department of education
SEMD and WAA prefecture of Moscow —
«Obruch» publishing house
Сlosed Joint-Stock Company «ELTI-KUDIC»
State budgetary educational institution School № 1420
Methodological centre for the training of educators, Zhukovski
Public educational institution the “Berezka” kindergarten, Korolev
Integration into the research projects of the University and the conditions of the customer on preschool education

Contact information:
  • Antonova Anna Viktorovna
  • (495) 647-44-77 (доб. 36-45)

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