About The Faculty


Our adress: building 4, 18 — Tashkentskaya street, Moscow

Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”


Pnone number: (495) 376-76-56

E-mail: decanat217@mail.ru



Hystory of establishment and development of the Faculty of Pedagogy.
The Faculty is established on the base of the two oldest faculties: the Faculty of Preschool Education (1951), the Faculty of Elementary School Teacher Training (1951) and also the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology. And it was one of the first cases in Russia when people could get pedagogic education by correspondence, with traditions of preschool and elementary school education being retained. Except that, there appeared new, promising, — directions of specialist training in the field of supplementary education and social pedagogy. Unique programs for training of educational psychologists of general education institutions were created.

Nowadays the Faculty has a high research and pedagogic potential and actualize basic educational programs in the following directions:
Bachelor’s course: “Pedagogic education”
Specialization: Pedagogy and methods of preschool education
Specialization: Psychology and pedagogy of preschool education
Specialization: Psychology and social pedagogy

Master’s course: Psychological and pedagogical education
Program: Management in education
Program: A gifted child
Program: Psychology and pedagogy of preschool education
Program: Psychology and social pedagogy
Program: : Psychology and pedagogy of supplementary education

Preschool psychology and pedagogy (full-time)
Pedagogy and methods of preschool education (correspondent)
Pedagogy and methods of elementary school education (full-time, correspondent)
Pedagogy and psychology (full-time, part-time, correspondent)
Social pedagogy (correspondent)

Doctors and candidates, chief leaders of educational institutions and prefectures take part in organization o studying process. The Faculty of Pedagogy consists of 5 departments: Department of Pedagogy and Psychology, Theory and Methods of Preschool Education, Theory and Methods of Elementary School Education Theory and Methods of educational work, Esthetic Education.
More than 1500 students are getting higher education in full-time, part-time and correspondent programs. Nonresident students get places in he hostel, according to the quota.

Pedagogical education is a connection between theory and practice
From the first year of studying students con go to the Counselor School, Volunteer Center, work in the Admission Committee or in the Student Council, where they get experienced in work with children and population. In 2010, 2011, 2012 our students worked as counselors in health improvement camps of the Crimea, Moscow region, Latvia, Bulgaria.
On the Faculty our students have a possibility to check their knowledge on practice in leading institutions and centers, where our graduates work.

Among our graduates are the winners of contests “Teacher of the Year”, “Educator of the Year”, “The Best Educational Institution”, “The Best Group of Children”. Our graduates work in more than 50% of all educational institutions of Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia.

Members of winning teams for programs “From birth till School” (chief – Komarova), “Hrmony” (fro preschool education, chief – Istomina-Kostorskaya). These programs are leading in educational institutions of Russia.

Scientific and research work is done by doctors and candidates in the directions of training. There are candidate’s and doctor’s courses. Students and graduates can get the second higher education having taken a Master’s course.

Teachers and students take place in different projects and grants, research conferences, contests, seminars on topical issues of education. The best works of students are published in magazines, and authors get official documents.
Pedagogical education is a passport to success in the life and career in different spheres. The course, unique for Russia, “Navigation for Life” provides with successful enter in the world of education and competence in the profession.