Management of innovative work in informative and communicative sphere


Faculty Address: 9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there: Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»

— from Kursky railway station to the stop Karacharovo, 2 minutes on foot

Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Innovation studies
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Management of innovative work in informative and communicative sphere
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of Innovation studies
Admission tests: —
Computer sciences, economics, basis of management (an interview)

Admission plan for 2014: non-budget

Tuition fee: 60000 a year

Master’s degree program «Innovation studies» proposes studying of project work ‘s methodology by the creation of venture and IT-business, deals with a set of questions, which are directed to optimization of IT-infrastructure, innovative technologies of cooperation with customers, creation and promotion of new goods and services in the sphere of IT and telecom, management of changes in IT. Big attention during teaching is paid to teambuilding and project work, working out of criteria of estimation of IT-projects and methods of projects’ promotion, which includes — means of social communication.

Master of this branch of training will be able to work in the following spheres:

  • organizations and enterprises of innovative sphere-
  • academic and branch research organizations-
  • institutions of higher and special professional education-
  • public authorities and management of federal, local and municipal levels-
  • innovative work’s infrastructure-
  • innovative enterprise.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Foreign language for special aims
History and philosophy of innovations
Contemporary issues in innovations
Management of -innovation processes
Master’s thesis -defence
Startups and commercialization of innovations Management of -innovation processes Business process reengineering (BPR) Method of evaluation of innovations efficiency
Introduction -in -engineering creativity The theory of inventor’s problem solving (TRIZ) Models and technologies of social computing Master’s thesis defence
Cloud technologies Teambuilding Designing of social networking sites and Internet services

Elective course


Internship in business incubators (examination of an efficiency of an innovative project in the sphere of ICT and -development of one`s own business idea)

Internship in innovative platforms for start uppers (techniques of the estimation of efficiency -of investments and -business planning of one`s own innovative project)

Internship in leading -marketing agencies (PR and marketing in promotion of one`s own innovative project)

Internship in leading IT-companies (examination of an efficiency of one`s own project, its commercialization )

Master classes and meetings

Marketing in social media

Art of presentation —

Cherkasova I. – Promotion and commercialization of innovations by means of social media.

Vineberg O. (A managing partner of BV-Group, an expert in the field of effective management) — — An organization – looking inside. Systemic and phenomenological approach and modeling of an external environment of an organization and its communication with customers.

Archangel`skiy G. – Effective time-management.


Master’s Degree in Innovation Studies (Master’s Degree Program: The innovative activity management in the field of Information and Communication Technologies)

Certificates —

P2M Certificate in Management of innovative projects and programs ( 

Graduation skills set

ability to open and manage an innovative enterprise, create and implement its development strategy-

ability to select and assess methodology of designing products in the ICT-environment-

ability to plan and realize processes of software development —

ability to manage a team of software developers-

ability to find original solutions to ICT-problems using information resources and up-to-date tools, make and implement informed decisions even in non-typical situations-

ability to audit and analyze the organizations’ work, projects, business processes, assess the efficiency of investments, conduct marketing research for the product promotion in the market.


Uchcom — an exclusive representative of P2M in Russia

Agency for strategic initiatives (ASI)

Russian Venture Company (RVC)



PLC Dolgoprudnensk Research Centre (DRC)

Special Design Bureau CONTOUR

Zvorykin project — the program of The Federal Agency for Youth Affairs

Business incubators

GreenfieldProject, Interactive Communications in Advertising (IKRa) — the start site of Agency for Start-ups.

Global CIO — Community of IT-Directors


CDIO club

Bern University of Applied Sciences —

Contact information:
  • Vasekin Sergey Vladimirovich
  • 8-499-174-80-40

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