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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 года
Branch of training: —
Special Education (Defectology)
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Inclusive education
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of Special Education (Defectology)
Admission tests: —
Basic Defectology (test and interview)

Types of professional activities: correctional and educational activities, diagnostic and consultative and preventive work, scientific research, teaching, organizational and managerial activities, cultural and educational work in preschools and schools of general or special (correctional) education, consultation offices or centres which provide psychological and medical support and educational guidance, secondary or higher vocational education institutions, research institutions including educational, health care and social welfare facilities.

Admission Plan 2014: non-budget —

Tuition fee: 70 000 rubles per year

The field of graduate’s professional activities:

Psycho-pedagogical diagnostics

In the educational process: teaching and training, development and disturbance correction of persons with limited heath abilities —

Psycho-pedagogical support to participants of the educational process

Teaching in the institutions of secondary and higher education and organization of the educational process

Research activities

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Modern conceptions of Developmental Disorders in childhood
Psychology of cognitive processes in the ontogenesis and dysontogenesis
Special and inclusive education for persons with HIA in Russia
Psychological and educational support of children with HIA in preschool and school institutions
Research practice
Medical and biological bases of development of individuals with HIA (basics of medical genetics, pediatric neurology, psychiatry) Specialized psychology Legal basis of special and inclusive education The history of inclusive education in Russia and other countries Research activity
Children neuropsychology Psycho-pedagogical diagnosis of developmental disorders Technologies of education and upbringing of children with mental physical development Psycho-pedagogical support of a child with HIA in the family

Preparation for the final state certification: an interdisciplinary examination on -the direction — Special education of defectologist

Pathology of vision, hearing, and speech organs

Psychological consultation

Technologies of education and upbringing individuals with complex disorders Interdisciplinary interaction of specialists in the field of inclusive education Presentation of the master’s thesis
Practical training Basics of scientific literature translation Rehabilitation of children after the cochlear implantation Technology of designing individual educational programs
Research Practice Practical training

Practical training

Practical training
Research Practice

Research Practice

Research Practice

elective course


Internships are carrying through on the base of the best inclusive pre-school and school educational institutions of Moscow and Moscow District. Pedagogues of great experience in co-education of both children with disturbance of development and healthy ones are at the head of an internship. Institutions, so called « trailblazers in the field of inclusive education», schools and educational centers for children with motor abnormalities, autism and etc., are among the base organizations for internships. —

-Master classes and meetings

Prihod`ko O. G., Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, professor, head of the Institute of special education and rehabilitation – « Early help for children with health disabilities as a first stage of the inclusive education».

Yakovleva I. M., Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, professor, Head of Department of oligophrenopedagogics in Moscow City Teachers’ Training University — -«Inclusion problems of mentally disabled children».

Butko G. A., Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, head of the network experiment on the inclusion of pre-school children with health disabilities– «Inclusive education of pre-school children with health disabilities».


A master’s diploma in special (defectological) education, (master`s degree program: «Inclusive education»)

Certificates: —

Psycho-pedagogical support of the inclusive education ( 72 hours). February2016.

Support for the people who underwent a cochlear implantation (72 hours). October 2015.

Educational techniques aimed at children with mental disabilities and complex disturbance of development (72 hours). October 2015.

Educational techniques aimed at children with sensory and motor abnormalities (72 hours). October 2015.

Pediatric neuropsychology (72 hours). January 2015.

Psycho-pedagogical diagnostics of development for children with health disabilities (72 hours). May 2015

Graduate’s skills

A graduate of the Master’s program posses all the competences according to the learning standards of the course «Special (defectological) education», which include: diagnostic competence, remedial pedagogy, consultative competence, institutional and management competence and etc. —


The guidance center «SUVAG»

Institute of inclusive education problems

Inclusive school №1321 «Kovcheg»

The « Remedial pedagogy: theory and practice» magazine

German-Russian Forum ( international public organization)

Institute of Waldorf (Steiner) education, inclusion and interculturology (Mannheim, Germany)

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  • (495) 647-4477, *1 (add. 3571)

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