Positive psychology: technologies of family consulting


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9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

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— Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»
— from Kursky railway station to the stop «Karacharovo», 2 minutes on foot

Phone: (499) 171-0626

Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Positive psychology: technologies of family consulting
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of psychology
Admission tests: —
Psychology (test, interview)

Plan of acceptance for 2014: non-budget

Fee: 92000 a year

The only Master’s Degree in Russia, which unifies positive psychology – a unique modern direction of universal theory and practice of psychological science and integral complex training of a specialist, who will work with family.


Positive psychology integrates the knowledge and approaches of the advanced areas of psychological science and its practical technologies focused on the possibility of revealing the inner resources to overcome the stresses of life, constraints, obstacles and difficulties, and the creation of intrapersonal resource bases of personal achievement, a life of prosperity and success that are fundamental components of human happiness. The principal advantage of positive psychology is that it does not cultivate the disease or problem, and works as a technology based on the state of the internal activity, potential health (physical and psychological) and focus on human well-being. Systematic training in the field of psychological work with the family (from the moment of creation of the family and of all stages of its functioning, in different types and variants of the Institute of modern family) in the context of the positive approach that creates real undeniable basis of uniqueness of specialist master’s level in the field of work with family of any type.

In the process of training on master’s program «Positive psychology: technology consulting and development of the family» are achieved powerful therapeutic effects of personal growth and viosca personal effectiveness in different spheres of practical activity.

Term 1 Term 2
Term 3
Term 4
Basics of positive psychology Psychological family theory Psychology of forming a couple and premarital consulting
Technologies of work with problem families
Psychological diagnostics Psychological family consulting Psychological technologies of work with modern family Psychology adoptive families
Psychology of family happiness, love and sexuality English for special purposes Psychology of positive relationships between children and parents Philosophy and methodology of scientific activity
The legal basis of family Distant consulting Generic and family relations: research technology and development Forensic psychological expertise in family court

Practical trainings

  • Productive and consultive (Centers: preparations of candidates in substitute parents, psychological support of substitute — family, family planning and reproduction, social protection and family support)
  • Pedagogical (departments of SMSUH)
  • Research (base of concise researches)

Master-classes, meetings

  • Rosenova M.I. Intensive psycho technologies of work with a person, who goes though the divorce or parting
  • Elisarov A.N. Family psychology: the way to family happiness and prosperity through the development of the ability of solidarity
  • Kamaletdinova E.F. Psychological work with a young family and prophylactic treatment
  • Semenov D.V. Prophylaxis of the drug habit in the system of children and parents relationships
  • Turchina N.U. Technologies of work with a person in recessionary family situation
  • Yacovlev V.A. Technologies of going through sexual inadequacy


will get a degree certificate of Master of Psychology
Certificates of passing special training courses due to following directions:

  • holding of procedures of psychological diagnostics
  • consulting in the sphere of family problems
  • consulting in the sphere of relationships between children and parents
  • determination and regulation of family conflicts
  • holding of psychological inspection in court for family reasons

Graduate’s skills set

An ability and readiness for:

  • diagnostics, inspection and correction of psychological characteristics and conditions, characteristics of psychological processes, different ways of activity of individuals and groups on the base of innovative workings-
  • formulization of reasonable psychological recommendations of applied profile on the base of theoretical and applied researchers-
  • working of new interaction facilities on interpersonal and intergroup relations and on relations of customer and real world-
  • setting of innovative professional problems in the sphere of research and practical activity-
  • selection and use of psychological technologies, which allow to realize solving of new problems in different spheres of professional practice

Variants of job placement:

  • Family consultant
  • Legal expert
  • Consultant of the Centre of Family Reproduction


  • Institute of Family of Russian Academy of Education
  • Moscow State Regional University
  • Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogical University

Contact information:
  • Nikolaeva Elena Sergeevna
  • (499)171-0626
  • pozitiv_mggu@mail.ru

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