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9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there:
— Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»
— from Kursky railway station to the stop «Karacharovo», 2 minutes on foot

Phone: (499) 171-0626

Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
5 years
Branch of training: —
Profile: —
Human resources management
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of management
Admission tests: —
Russian language (USE), Mathematics (USE), Social studies (USE).

This direction is a theoretical training in management and the master of practice-oriented management technologies, diagnostics and consulting, selection and evaluation, adaptation and motivation of staff organizations.

The plan of pramana 2014: budget 10 places (full time), extra budgetary (intramural and extramural forms).
Cost of training: full — time-124 000 rub. per year, correspondence — 61 000 rubles per year.

Bachelor of management can work in organizations of any organizational-legal form (commercial, non-profit, state, municipal), in which the graduate works as a contractor or Director of the Junior level in the various services of the staff of the personnel management- human resources services of state and municipal administration- in the structures, in which a graduate is an entrepreneur, creating and developing their own business, performing the following types of professional activity:

• managerial activity-
• information-analytical-
• business-
• pedagogical.

In the bachelor of management in SMSUH is special attention is paid to the following professional skills:

• the ability to organize the personnel service companies and maintain personnel records management-
• implementation of effective business communication with staff and managers, internal PR technologies and IT-communications-
• skills of professional staff selection and business evaluation-
• the possession of techniques of training: conducting business trainings and focus groups, the creation of corporate University-
• technology of motivation of the personnel, taking into account changing economic conditions.

You will learn:

1) in the area of organizational-managerial activity:

• to manage staff, including to carry out administrative activities-
• to control the process of execution of work by employees-
• to meet the needs of the performers in the tools and materials in the process of work-
• to organize the work of the employees under the plan-
• to participate in the organization of working places.

2) in the field of informational and analytical activity:

• to optimize the work-
• to propose rationalization solutions-
• to change corporate norms and standards activities.

3) in the field of business:

• to participate in collective activities-
• to ensure health and safety at work-
• to improve products and services.

A distinctive feature of the professional training of bachelors of management in SMSUH is training aimed at practice, based on the following grounds:

1) on the systematization of requirements of the employers, which allows the student to study only the technologies that are in demand-
2) on the achievements of practical psychology that provides personal and professional effectiveness graduate, increase its competitiveness as an HR specialist.
3) the training is based on the contextual approach developed Verbitsky Andrey Aleksandrovich, the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, Professor, correspondent member of the RAO. Context education allows the student already at the lectures and practical lessons to be included in a future professional activity and to solve professional problems.
4) in the process of teaching modern instruments are used (polygraph, eye tracker)that open opportunities to carry out research in various fields of psychology and have a modern Arsenal of hardware methods.
5) application in the learning process developed unique training courses, case methods.

Students taking the course «Life navigation» is a unique and innovative course designed to develop students of SMSUH universal social competence (initiative, responsibility, result orientation, communication skills, organizational skills, ability to affect others, the ability to reconcile the interests and others), which is required for successful implementation of professional career in the future.

Contact information:
  • Puchkova Elena Borisovna
  • (499)174-84-71
  • kafedra_pu@

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