About the Faculty


Faculty Address:
9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there:
— Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»
— from Kursky railway station to the stop «Karacharovo», 2 minutes on foot

Phone: (499) 171-0626



SMSUH faculty of psychology and managment of human resources was founded in 1995. More than 10000 highly-qualified psychologiests in different spheres:specialists of psychology consalting, -psychology of managment, clinic psychology.
The faculty gives an opportunity of participation in different projects, programs and grants of all-Russian and international level to each of its student.
We cooperate with:
— International Association of Positive Psychology (USA)
— Institute of Gestalt Therapy (France)
— Studying company -Axciton -(USA)
— Hinan State University for Education (CNR)
— Cian University for the Humanities (CNR)
According to the results of the fulfilment of the project «Realization of mechanism of development and effective usage of potential of institutions of higher studying in the interests of Moscow city», which was held in 2012 according to the order of Moscow government, all graduates of SMSUH faculty of psychology and managment of human resources, who graduated in 2010-2012 are placed in a job according to their profession.
Our graduates are in demand at the labour market and work successfully in: their own business, staff agencies in Moscow and CIS, are heads of psychology centers and HR managers of business organizations, teach at Russian and European Universities and colleges, work for Russian President’s Administration, Russian Ministry for Education and Science, Russian Federal Custom Service, Russian Forces, Police, Ministry for Emergency, Russian Federal Tax Service and different companies, such as: «Fedorov Eye Microsurgery», «MTS», «Mosgas», Rosmedtech, «UralSib», «Univers», «Aeroflot», «Gazprom» etc.
SMSUH faculty of psychology and managment of human resources realizes the following study:
Bachelors on the following directions:
521000 «Psychology»
080200 «Managment», profile of training — «Managment of human resources»
Masters -on the following directions:
030300.68 -«Psychology». Programs: «Positive psychology», «Instrumental psychodiagnostics», «Theory and technologies of context education». Graduate’s qualification is Master of psychology.
080200.68 -«Managment». Program -«Managment of human resources». -Graduate’s qualification is Master.
Postgraduates -on the following specialities:
19.00.01 — General psychology, history of -psychology, -psychology of person.
19.00.07 — Pedagogical -psychology.
Additional education (qualification improvment)