Students’ Life


Faculty Address:
7, ul. Third Vladimirskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 672-0490



There is — the Center of cultural and educational work in university. Vocal, choreographic, theatrical and other studios invite all those who wish to realize their creative potential.

Among the annual university events is a beauty contest «Miss SMSUH «, the festival «Student Spring», “Club of Funny and Inventive” and many other interesting things. Our students take an active part in diverse city events such as «Moscow student parade», «Phaistos», «Sails of Hope», «The Way to the Stars,» «Miss Moscow», «Day of the City.»

Every year Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities holds the festival of faculties. During the week, each faculty demonstrates its scientific schools, academic achievement, talents and creativity in close connection with their profession prospects for the contemporary social development.

Since 2009, there is a Centre of youth programs in our University. This Centre invites all students to participate in one of the following areas:

Young Pioneer leader school
Social engineering

Since 2011, SMSUH opened Sholokhov Volunteers’ Training Centre for the Olympic and Paralympic Games “Sochi 2014” and now every student can go to the Winter Olympic Games in 2014 as a volunteer.

Our University organizes a lot of sports sections: volleyball, basketball, football, hand-to-hand combat, aerobics, swimming, hiking, skiing. During winter and summer vacations SMSUH conducts training camps in Altai, on Tian Shan and Lake Seliger. There is also a ski pavilion here.

Student’s life at the Philological faculty:

The profession of philologist in the XXI century: