Pedagogical education. Russian language.


Faculty Address:
7, ul. Third Vladimirskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 672-0490

Forms and terms of education: —
5 years
Branch of training: —
Pedagogical education.
Profile: —
Russian language
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Admission tests: —
Russian (USE), Social science (USE), Literature (USE)
Training on profile «Russian language» allows you to join world literary heritage from Antiquity to modern literary process, and also get an idea about the development of theoretical and applied linguistics and methodology of teaching Russian language and literature, which is necessary for work in the field of education, literary editing, media and other sectors of the economy, industry and other.
The admission plan for 2014: budget — 10 seats, extra budgetary.
Cost of training: 40 000 rubles per year.

Training on profile «Russian language» is getting full, high-quality education in accordance with international standards. The system of bachelor, master allows you to build higher education in such a way as to overcome the segmentation of European higher education and to create a common educational space, allowing you not only to study, but subsequently and work in different European countries, that is to have an internationally recognized diploma of higher professional education.

In the learning process are used:

  • innovative forms of educational work-
  • active learning methods (project activity, different types of practices, involvement of students in scientific research activity of the faculty)-
  • individual approach-
  • practice-oriented education-
  • cooperation with academic research institutions (Institute of Russian language MVV Vinogradova RAS, Institute of World literaturka Gorky RAS, Institute of linguistics RAS).

The uniqueness of the educational process:

  • wide involvement of students in international activities of the faculty in promoting Russian language and literature and expansion of Russian-speaking space for communication, cooperation and collaboration with other republics of the Russian Federation, CIS countries and far abroad-
  • new courses: «History of Russian literature» and «Life-navigation», aimed at developing practical skills in the sphere of project activities and the Humanities.

To implement these global challenges at the faculty created all conditions for qualitative preparation of bachelors.

Started from the second year the interaction of students with potential employers, which contributes to early orientation direction of professional activity in the future eliminates the problem of employment of graduates.

Persons who have finished training in professional educational program of higher education with the award of the academic degree «bachelor», may hold positions for which the qualification requirements provided by the higher education. The content of professional educational programs of higher education at the faculty of Philology includes the study of the cycle of General subjects, the cycle of basic disciplines, chief disciplines and professional practice in corresponding areas (basic educational programs (BEP), the faculty of Philology).

Want to get higher scores on the Russian language, literature, social science, may apply to the pre-University training Center:

Phone: 8 (495) 358-40-17

The address: Krasnodarskaya street, 59

Persons who have completed secondary school until 2009, are eligible for admission to pass the entrance tests (program admissions test bachelor of education).

The address of faculty: Moscow, street 3rd Vladimirskaya, 7
Travel: Art. M. Perovo (first car from the centre) walk 10-15 minutes down the street 3rd Vladimirskaya (take 2 crossing).
Telephone faculty:
(495) 672-0490

Contact information:
  • Feoktistova Anna Borisovna
  • 8 (903) 595-70-59

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