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7, ul. Third Vladimirskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 672-0490



Faculty of Philology provides basic education by level system «bachelor-master-graduate school.» Basically the educational model, implemented by the faculty, is competence-based approach, which embodies such training principles as the usage of innovative forms and active learning methods, contextual approach in teaching academic disciplines.

Training modules for bachelor program is implemented by the profiles «Russian language and literature» (full-time, period of training — 5 years) and «Russian language» (distanced, period of training — 5 years).

After bachelor’s degree, students have the opportunity to study Master degree in direction «Linguistics». Leading professors and lecturers of faculty trains undergraduates in extremely actual program for nowadays «General and typological linguistics» (full-time training, for 2 years).

In the light of the context of the theory of learning and the principles of practice-oriented education for the effective implementation of educational programs curricula of BS and MS has different kinds of practices: training, production, educational, science- research, organizational- management. Practices’ programs can be found here.

In addition there is also postgraduate education at the Department of Russian Language and Russian and Foreign Literature. Postgraduate trainingis implemented by leading professors of the faculty: Ph.D., prof. E.I.Dibrova, Ph.D, prof. N.D. Kotovchihina, Ph.D, prof. A.V.Tzimmerling, Ph.D, prof. I.V. Grechanik, Ph.D, prof. H.A.Litvinenko, Ph.D, prof. V.V.Timohin, Ph.D, prof. L.I. Shevtsova, Ph.D, prof. D.A. Abasheva, Ph.D, prof. T.M. Voiteleva, Ph.D, prof. N.A. Kovaleva, Ph.D, prof. L.G. Chapaeva.

Defence of thesis is implemented in Dissertation Council D 212.136.01. Council takes dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of philological sciences in speciality:

  • — — 10.01.01-Russian literature
  • — — 10.02.01-Russian language

Chairman of the Dissertation Council – Ph.D., Professor E.I. Dibrova.
Academic Secretary — PhD, S. F. Barysheva.

More information about the rules of admission to graduate school, availability of dissertations work Dissertation Council, you may find at the page of postgraduate education.

At the Faculty of Philology successful program for further education course «Literature editing and style» is implemented. Its purpose is to teach editing, stylistic editing and compilation of texts of different genres. To study this program have the opportunity the students, undergraduates and graduate students, as well as anyone. Upon completion of the state graduate students get diploma of advanced training. For more information about prices and terms of the program, please contact the Department of Continuing Professional Education.

If you have any questions about the educational programs of the Faculty of Philology or about admission to Bachelor’s, Master’s or postgraduate study, please contact the Faculty at tel. 8 (495) 672-04-90, and 8 (495) 672-04-96.