Harmonization of Interethnic Relations in the Educational Environment


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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Psychological and Pedagogical Education
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Harmonization of Interethnic Relations in the Educational Environment
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of Psychological and Pedagogical Education
Admission tests: —
Psychological and pedagogical education (interview)

Admission plan for 2014: no budget places.

Tuition fees: 46 000 rub. per year.

Master’s Program «Harmonization of Interethnic Relations in Educational Environment» at Sholokhov Moscow Sholokhov University for Humanities is aimed to the preparation of competitive educational staff capable of smoothing ethnic contradictions and creating appropriate conditions for harmonizing interethnic relations in the educational environment.

The research task of the Master’s dissertation is to study issues of interethnic relations and proportions of national, public and civic consciousness, as well as processes of social differentiation and adaptation of ethnic minorities and various groups of migrants into transforming Russian society, and the potential of integration trends in the educational environment.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Methodological bases of education and interethnic politics
Socio-economic and cultural-historical background of interethnic conflicts and friendship —
National specific character of designing educational path and professional career
Management of multicultural organizations and institutions
Effective methods of psycho-educational diagnostics
Methodological approaches and methods of harmonization of interethnic relations in the educational environment Comparative analysis of the concepts of harmonization of interethnic relations in the world Innovative methods and technologies of national identity, interethnic relations, civic solidarity, culture of peace and harmony Team decision-making technologies Methods of organizing consulting —
Scientific studies in international relations and educational activities Resource and information bases of harmonization of interethnic relations Russia’s future: a positive social area Harmonization of interethnic relations by means of mass media Effective methods of interaction with family
Organization of research activities among colleagues and pupils

Russian and English languages in teacher’s professional communication

Innovative experience of educational institutions in the socialization of national groups, and the integration of migrants into Russian society Forming of artistic and cultural environment in the educational institution Individual strategies of pedagogical influence on pupils —

A motivator of productive activity

Psychologist conflictologist -of educational environment Methods of working out of recommendations Effective methods of preserving and strengthening the physical, mental and spiritual health Improvement of quality of expert assessment of educational environment
Prestigiousness of the institution Conflicts and problems as consequences, not causes

Psychological assistance in harmonization of interethnic relations

The variety of health-improving and educational programs Market research in the field of educational services market
Psychological assistance in optimization of the educational process Organization of effective professional interaction

Master’s thesis defence

Courses for student’s choice — — — —


• Production — psycho-pedagogical (assistance) in effective organizations and institutions (including the government), confessional and national organizations-

• Festival of Cultures in the Federal Children’s Center «Смена» (located in Anapa)

• Trips to the national republics: Bashkiria, Buryatia, the Northern Caucasia, Tuva, Yakutia, and others. Also international trips throughout all undergoing projects-

• research — on the topics of dissertations and collective monograph of a course

Master classes, meetings

• Representatives of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Regional Development

• Representatives of the Department for National Relations Office of the Government of the Russian Federation —

• Representatives of the Moscow Patriarсhy, the Council of Muftis, the Catholic diocese, the Congress of Jewish Religious Communities and Organizations, Buddhistic religious associations —

• Dmitriev A. V., Corr. of Russian Academy of Sciences, topic: Socio-cultural aspects of migration processes

• Pain E.A., Doctor of Political Science. Professor at Higher School of Economics — National Research University. Topic: Ways to prevent xenophobia and extremism —

• Cultural figures: Iosif Kobzon, Anna Veski, Lev Anninsky, Lola Zvonareva, Raimond Pauls, Renat Ibragimov and others —


Master’s degree of psychological-pedagogical education (Master’s program «harmonization of interethnic relations in the educational environment»)


• Motivator of productive activities —

• Psychologist conflictologist in the field of educational environment —

• Organizer of a healthy lifestyle

• Expert in the field of educational environment

Graduate’s competence

• Competence (cultural and professional) fully meet a set of mandatory requirements in the implementation of major educational Master programs in the direction 050400 «Psychological and Pedagogical Education» approved by the Order of Russian Ministry of Education 16.04.10 N376


National Youth Council of Russia —

Operating ministries and agencies

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