Management of musical art


Faculty Address: 9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there: Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»

— from Kursky railway station to the stop Karacharovo, 2 minutes on foot

Faculty Phone: +7 (499) 174-8284

Forms and terms of education: —
2 years
2,5 years
Branch of training: —
Musicology and musical-applied art
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Management of musical art
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of musicology and musical-applied art
Admission tests: —
Creative examination

Admission plan for 2014: 9 budget places (full-time education), non-budget (full-time and distance education).

Tuition fee: full-time — 120 000 rubles a year, distance — 74 000 rubles a year

At the master’s educational program accepted bachelors and specialists who wish to get -popular in the labor market qualification of -manager. During training students -acquire professional competence in the sphere of strategic management, marketing of PR-companies, design in music education, organization of social, cultural and entertainment events. The result of training is to create a science-based project in master’s thesis in the field chosen for the analysis of musical performance, music education, show business.

Term -1 Term 2 Term -3 Term -4 Term -5
Historical and theoretical foundations of musical art
Project activities in music
Psychology of perception of works of art Modern technologies in Event-Management Protection of Master’s theses
Basics of management in musical culture Project management in the sphere of classical music Producing in the sphere of mass musical culture
Marketing in club industry
Modern music industry Legal culture of musical art -manager Soundproducing of musical projects PR and media planning in show business
Psychology of management Technologies of advancing the art project Basics of sound production and studio recording Fundamentals of directing musical shows projects —
Protection of Master’s theses

The uniqueness of the master’s degree program is fundamentally innovative approach to the content of training managers of musical art — connecting theory and practice of organization of business projects in musical — industry.

Master’s Degree students — have the opportunity to realize the scientific part of the program within the master’s and Ph.D. thesis.


  • Production Center » Art Class » —
  • » Centre for Cultural Projects » World Culture » —
  • » Balakirev’s — School of Arts «

Workshops, meetings:

  • A.D. Revzin — Producer-director of the international competition -«New Wave» — organizer of «Media Art»- director of the competition » Song of the Year » — creator of the unique programs » Promenade Concert», » Hit Parade Ostankino «, » New Year’s Eve » etc. -Workshop «The basis of skill in the modern show.»
  • Vitaly Panchenko — director of the Moscow Theatre of Music and Drama of Stas Namin

Graduates receive:

Master’s degree in musicology and musical-applied arts( Master’s Degree Program «Management of musical art» )

Competence of graduates:

After mastering the master’s degree program graduates should be able to:

1) do musical activities in concert and studio settings , carry out the work with studio manager and sound engineer —

2) give a qualified assessment of creative design initiatives and -take responsibility for the implementation of art projects in the sphere of musical art —

3) build relationships with authors ( owners ) of musical works in the sphere of copyright and neighboring rights —

4) supervise the administrative and financial activities of the musical theaters , philharmonics , festival centres , concert agencies —

5) establish cooperation with organizations implementing creative concepts : printers , advertising agencies , broadcasters , print media , etc.-

6) work with the authors of musical art works to promote and disseminate their products, fulfill orders of organizations in the sphere of — musical-performing and musical- theater —

7) prepare media plans ( showtimes promotional materials ) , plan campaigns , the core of which lies in the choice of media carriers (TV, press , radio, outdoor, internet ) to deliver advertising messages , as well as to optimize the placement of cost and other characteristics .


  • «Centre for Cultural Projects » World Culture»
  • Russian university of theater arts — GITIS
  • Moscow Theatre of Music and Drama
  • Sjutkin Rock &amp- Roll Band
  • Internships abroad
  • lectures by foreign professors
  • Direction — Education and personal development
  • The problem «Innovative technologies of musical art management»
  • Annual International Competition «Muses of the world» ( Contemporary Art and Education )
  • Annual Creative Festival «From Moscow with love»

Heads of master’s theses:

Rapatskaya Ludmila Aleksandrovna, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Ph.D., professor, member of the Union of Composers of Russia , Dean of the Faculty of Culture and Music in SMSUH .

Litvinenko Oksana Stanislavovna ,Ph.D., SMSUH assistant professor of cultural studies and musical education methodology.

Nemikina Irina Nikolaevna, — Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, SMSUH Professor of Cultural Studies and methodology of music education.

Getman Viktoria Viktorovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor , SMSUH Head of the Department of Cultural Studies and methodology of music education.

Kozmenko Olga Petrovna, Doctor of Cultural Studies , SMSUH professor of music performance -.

Contact information:
  • Litvinenko Oksana Stanislavovna
  • 8(903)0143900 (from 11.00 till 17.00)

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