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Forms and terms of education: —
2,5 года
Branch of training: —
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Media Education
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master of Journalism
Head of the program:
Admission tests: —
Foundations of Journalism (interview , portfolio)

Admission plan for 2014: non-budget

Tuition fee: 60000 rubles a year

Master’s Degree program «Media Education» — the only program in Russia in this extremely promising area of knowledge that is daily becoming more and more popular .
The program provides unique system competence of teachers and educators who are engaged in media projects in educational institutions.

The only program that specifically prepares editors of media for children and young people.

Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4 Term 5
Methodology and Media Research Modern mediatext Modern theories of mass communication News literacy / Ecology advertising Defence of master’s thesis
— — — — —
Theory and practice of media education Sociology of education Media and information literacy and media culture Philosophical foundations of science and journalism
Foreign language Foreign language Ecology of media space
Theory and practice of media education / Media education at — school and university / Media projects in social networks Management of — Youth Media / New Media Media behavior / Media Security: legislation, expertise, content

Master’s Degree students — have practice in educational — and media projects of federal print and electronic media, news agencies and on–line media , as well as projects in Moscow Department of Education , Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Communications and Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation- projects in the Russian Committee of UNESCO «Information for All».

Workshops, meetings
Master’s Degree students — have the opportunity to take part in workshops with leading Russian media educators, such as E.A. Bondarenko, A.V. Sharikov , E.V. Yakushina , E.N. Yastrebtseva etc. Within the framework of the course meetings with prominent journalists and media managers take place.

Master’s degree diploma of the program » Media Education «

Competence of graduates

  • Know how flows of information are organized in society
  • Understand the implications of information illiterate usage
  • Possess of complex information search strategies and its usage
  • Able to work as — administrator of Forums, — moderate and control the flow of information
  • Able to create means of information communication
  • Can share with others their knowledge and skills in the field of media and information literacy

Employment variants:

  • Schools ,
  • Centers of additional education ,
  • Colleges ,
  • Universities.


  • RGDB
  • RAO
  • Gipp
  • ANRY
  • ID «Panorama»
  • Newspapers » Вечерняя Москва», » Московский комсомолец», » Комсомольская правда»
  • Moscow Department of Education
  • Institute of Information Technologies in Education UNESCO
  • Russian Committee of UNESCO «Information for All»
  • University of Tempera (Finland)
  • Fund «Modern Poland»

Contact information:
  • Zhilavskaya Irina Vladimirovna
  • (495)672-1250

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