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4 года
5 лет
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Russian (USE), Literature (USE), the test of creative professional orientation (a composition)

Journalism today is a necessary part of a country and world’s social life. An immediate coverage of events, an evaluation of situations, which happen, a publicistic interpretation of life is an interesting and difficult aim of journalism. The main function of journalism is in forming a social opinion and creating an informational canal between the society and the state.

The admission plan for 2014: budget 10 places (full time), extra budgetary (intramural and extramural forms).
Cost of training: full — time-140 000 rub. per year, correspondence — 50 000 rubles per year.

The graduates of the educational program “Journalism“ get the education, which allow them to work in different — mass medias (newspapers, magazines, television, radio, news agencies and online media) and adjoining informational and communicative sectors (publishers, the press service, advertising and PR-agencies (public relations).

The Bachelor of Journalism can apply his knowledge, skills and personal qualities according to the professional activity’s aims of any levels of difficulty. It provides a high level of competitiveness of our faculty’s graduates’. — They can realize different kinds of professional activity, such as:

-­ — — — authors journalism (creation of own materials for the media world)-
­- — executive journalism (collaborate with the media representatives from various segments of society)-
­- — editor journalism (collect and analyze the preliminary information for the development of media — — — — project)-
­- program (participation in informational marketing, developing and correction of information’s agency’s conception, planning of the edit’s work and evaluation of its results)-
— — productive-process (texts’ preparation for press, airing, work with retransmitted information, participation in the process of edition, program’s release).

A special attention is paid to the following skills, during the preparation of a Bachelor according to the profile “Journalism” in SMSUH:

­- understanding of a social role and mission of journalism and journalist in a democratic society, functions and principles of media world in the context of social needs, historic and modern experience of native and foreign media world-
­- orientation in the key world trends of the media field (informative and program), understanding of the processes of convergence, familiarity in the field of key practices in the sphere of mass media, including understanding — of the processes of convergence-
­- understanding of the essence of journalism as social, informational, creative profession, its basic characteristics, social roles of journalist, qualities of a person, which are necessary for a responsible realization of professional functions-
­- understanding of basic principles of media world’s system’s forming- understanding of key organizational forms of media industry (publishing houses, media holdings, corporations), orientation in modern realities of functioning of media world’s system and in its infrastructure in Russia-
­- orientation in the main political processes in the country and in the world, knowledge of the particular features of Russian political system, functions of different political institutes, understanding of the role of politics and civil society’s institutes in media world’s functioning and political knowledge of a journalist.

The distinctive feature of bachelor’s professional training in specialization “Journalism” in SMSUH is a modern Media Journalism Centre of the Journalism faculty. Its main aim is to help students to become professional journalists, to do modern, quality journalism materials and media products. The Media Journalism Centre includes a modern News room, studio, control room, professional technical equipment, such as: cameras, photo cameras, microphone, dictaphone, adjusting programs, lighting equipment, decorations for studio shoot. Highly-qualified specialists work at our faculty. They are PhDs and current journalists.

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