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Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
5 years
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Advertising and public relations
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Advertising and public relations
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Russian language (USE), Social Science (USE), Foreign language (USE).

Development of public relations and advertizing is one of significant conditions of development of the competitive company. This fact explains the increasing demand for experts in problems of advance, positioning, functioning of image and corporate culture of the organizations, development and carrying out advertizing and the PR-campaigns. These experts know technologies of creation of image, advertizing, etc.

The admission plan for 2014: extra budgetary (intramural and extramural forms).
Cost of training: full — time-118 000 rub. per year, correspondence — 44 000 rubles per year.

Bachelor of advertising and public relations will be able to work in different advertising and PR-organizations, media world, including the Internet-sphere, press services, image- organizations, advertising and PR-agencies, consulting agencies, realizing the following kinds of professional activity:
• — — — ­ Institutional and management
• — — — Project
• — — — Communicative
• — — — Advertising and informational
• — — — Market and research and prognosticative and analytic

During the educational process of Bachelor of advertising and public relations in SMSUH special attention is paid to the following skills:
• — An ability to realize professional functions in the sphere of advertising and public relations in state. social, commercial structures, media world, social sphere, spheres of politics, economics, production, science, culture and sport-
• — — Knowledge and working skills in press-centers, press-services, in press departments, media world, PR departments, social connections centers, advertising departments and in communicative agencies.

You will learn:
In institutional and management area:
• — — — ­ — — — to participate in management and organization of advertizing and PR services’ work, firms and organizations, to realize operational planning and control of advertising work, PR activity, to hold events, which can rise organization’s image, promote firm’s goods and services to the market, to estimate the efficiency of advertising activity and PR-
• — — — ­ — — — to participate in forming of the efficient inner communications, which are oriented on forming and keeping adventitious psychological climate among the staff, motivation of the staff members for active work and organization’s development- realization of the work, which can develop skills and cultural and professional level of the staff.

In project area:
• — — — ­ — — — to participate in projecting in the sphere of advertising and PR of a firm, organization, providing of facilities and methods for projects’ realization, participation in project teams’ work’s organization-
• — — — ­ — — — to prepare project paper trail (technical and economic basis, technical task, business-plan, creative brief, agreement, contract)-
• — — — ­ — — — to realize projects and to be aware with the methods of their realization-

in communicative area:

• — — — ­ — — — to participate in creating of efficient communicative infrastructure of organization, provide internal and external communication, including state and public organizations, commercial structures, mass media resources, participate in — corporate culture’s forming and keeping-
• — — — ­ — — — participate in planning, preparation and carrying out of communicative campaigns and events according to aims and goals of the organization on the basis of the research’s results-

in advertising and informational area:
• — — — to prepare for publishing, produce and promote advertising products, including such materials as: text, graphics, working and presentational ones within traditional and modern sources of advertising-

in market and research and prognosticative and analytic area:

• — — — ­ — — — to organize and hold marketing researches with the aim to make predictions of market’s development, its capacity and demand’s dynamic, consumers’ preferences and development of measures for promoting its competitive position-
• — — — ­ — — — to organize and hold social surveys — with the aim to make predictions of social opinion and creating of measures for promotion of the firm’s and organization’s image-

• — — — ­ — — — to organize and hold market’s supervision, surveys, questionnaire, an experiment with the aim of image’s promotion and competitive position of organization and firm at the market- to realize gathering, adaptation and evaluation of received data.

Differential characteristic of vocational training of bachelors of advertizing and public relations in SMSUH is the practice-oriented training.

Contact information:
  • Vladimirova Tatyana Nikolaevna
  • (495) 672-1250

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