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Faculty Address:
16-18, ul. Verkhnaya Radishevskaya, Moscow

Phone: 8-495-647-4477 (ext. 1711, 1714).
E-mail: istfak-mggy@mail.ru

Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
5 years
Branch of training: —
Pedagogical education
Profile: —
Historical education
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Admission tests: —
Russian language (USE), History (USE), Social Science (USE).

At present time the most important value orientation of the education system is the formation of the national civil identity. Social significance of that direction of education is determined by the necessity of well-directed efforts at the formation of one Russian civil nation, the development of tolerance towards the representatives of different ethnic groups, an international cooperation, an achievement of national consensus on the basic stages of the formation and development of a society and the state.

The admission plan for 2014: budget — 30 seats (20 — full-time, 10 — correspondence form), extra budgetary (intramural and extramural forms).
Cost of training: full — time-100 000 roubles per year, correspondence — 40 000 rubles per year.

Bachelors of pedagogical education in specialization “Historical education” can work in the sphere of education as teachers of History, Social Science, managers of out-of-school activities and school organization of counselors and volunteers- in the social and cultural sphere – as specialists in archival and museum work, the workers of the Children’s Art Houses and different social institutions- in the bodies of public administration – as managers of interaction of educational institutions- in tourist and excursion organizations.

They can do the following types of professional activity:

  • Pedagogical-
  • Cultural and educational.

During the training of bachelor of pedagogical education in specialization “Historical education” in SMSUH special attention is paid to the following professional competences:

• The abilities to use systematic theoretical and practical knowledge of humanities, social and economic sciences in social and professional tasks solution-
• The abilities to carry out education programmers of core and elective courses in various educational institutions-
• Readiness to apply new methods and technologies including information ones, to assure the quality of educational process on a certain stage of education of a certain educational institution-
• The abilities to apply new methods of diagnostics of students and pupils’ achievements, to give pedagogical support to the processes of students’ socialization and professional self-determination, their training for making conscious career choice.

You will learn:

1) in the field of pedagogical activity:

• To use the abilities of educational environment including information one, to assure the quality of educational process-
• — To join in cooperation with parents, colleagues, social partners interested in the assurance of the educational process quality-
• — To manage students and pupils’ cooperation-
• — Ensuring the protection of student’s life and health during educational process and out-of-school activity.

2) in the field of cultural and educational activity:
• — To produce and carry out cultural and education programmers for different categories of the population including the use of modern information and communications technologies-
• — To cooperate professionally with other participants of educational activity-
• — To use the experience of our and other countries in management of educational activity-
• To reveal and use the opportunities of regional cultural educational environment for management of educational activity.

The distinctive feature of pedagogical education’s bachelor’s professional training in specialization “Historical education” in SMSUH is that the Faculty of History has material and technical basis that provides high-quality mastering of the basic educational bachelor’s degree programmer of pedagogical education department in specialization “Historical education” i.e. the theme rooms, computer classes with the Internet access, specially equipped lecture rooms with multimedia demonstration complexes produced by the hands of our undergraduates, museums: the first of which is dedicated to the military glory of Russia on the battle fields, the — second one – to the archeological finds of their private underwater expedition.

The Faculty of History in SMSUH is conveniently located in Moscow historical center near Taganskaya Metro Station (Circular Line), 10-minute walk from Rudomino Library for Foreign Literature and 20-minute walk from the State Historic Public Library in Moscow. Highly qualified specialists with Ph.D. and Doctors of Historical Sciences work in the faculty. In process of training at the Faculty of History you have a unique chance to receive your liberal arts education of wide specialization that allows choosing prestigious and interesting profession.

Faculty address:
16-18, Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya Str., Moscow
How to get there:
Taganskaya Metro Station (Circular Line)
Faculty’s tel.№:
(495) 647-4477 ext. 1711- 1714.

Contact information:
  • Sergovancev Denis Nikolaevich
  • (495) 647-44-77, доб. 17-11
  • istfak-mggy@mail.ru

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