Faculty Address:
16-18, ul. Verkhnaya Radishevskaya, Moscow

Phone: 8-495-647-4477 (ext. 1711, 1714).



Only at our faculty you can get education in 3-D format!

The time vector will open chronological frames of historical processes.

The dimensional vector will expand goegrafical purview of universal history.

The vector of economic, political, psyhological aspects provides the depth of educational process that provides the understanding of regularities of historical processes.

All stages of education are realized at our faculty:

Bachelor’s degree

Skill’s profile: Historical education

Forms and terms of study: -full-time — 4 year, part-time — 5 year (on budget and non-budget basis) —

Graduate’s qualification: bachelor

The high level of teaching is provided by professors and lecturers of the department of universal and native history. During the process of education students learn the following disciplines: Russian history from ancient times to our days, history of an ancient world, medieval history, new and the newst history of foreign contries, archeology, additional historical disciplines, historiography of native and universal history, museum managment studies, sourse studies and also philosophy, politilogy, economiс theory, psyhology, legal studies, culturology etc. —During the educational process our students have different kind of practice: -archeological underwater, museum, archives, pedagogical and regional natural history. Two historical museums work in our faculty: «The museum of archeology» and «Military and historical museum». -Historical restoration -is one of the most important directions of study here.

Master’s degree

After getting the qualification of «Bachelor» or «spesialist», you may enter Master’s degree educational program «History» and get master’s degree on the program «Europe and Russia in the modern and contemporary history: the historical ways of development».

The training is full time, during 2 years on budget and non-budget basis.

Post-graduate studies

are your scientific perspectives and way into nobles of the academic staff of the high school. The presentation of the dissertation is always an advantage for your career.

You may enter post-graduate studies according to 3 specialities:

07.00.02 — native history

07.00.03 — universal history (new and the newest history)

23.00.02 — political institutions, processes and technologies.

Doctorate studies

At our faculty work leading professors, who have a right to be scientific consultants of candidates foe a doctor’s degree on the following specialities:

07.00.02 — native history

07.00.03 — universal history (new and the newest history)