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59, ul. Krasnodarskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 358-3009

Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
Branch of training: —
Profile: —
Technology and Organization of Tour Operators and Travel Agent Services
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of Tourism
Admission tests: —
Russian language (USE), History (UE), Social science (USE)

— — In the modern conditions of growth and strengthen of tourism sector in the economy has increased the need for training of highly qualified specialists who will be able to work in the main sectors of the tourism industry , having a flexible and creative thinking and a sufficient level of geographic, economic , legal and sociological knowledge with comprehensive understanding of the dynamics of development of tourist industry, capable to develop new organizational models to maintain the competitiveness of tourism companies and products , as well as owning two foreign languages ​​, which allows professionals to communicate effectively with consumers of tourism product .

The admission plan for 2014: full-time: budget — 21 seats, extra budgetary — 14 seats.
Training cost: 100 000 rubles per year.

— —

Bachelor of tourism can carry out professional activities in the institutions and organizations of the tourist industry. Kinds of professional activities are:

  • designing
  • industrial and technological
  • organizational and management
  • service
  • research

In training of Bachelors of — tourism SMSUH focuses on the following professional competencies:

  • willingness to develop the tourism product based on the — modern technology —
  • ability to implement the tourism product with the use of informational and communicational technologies-
  • ability to organize and carry out the process of service quality of the consumer-
  • ability to process and interpret the data necessary for the implementation of project activities in tourism-
  • ability to communicate effectively with consumers of tourism product —
  • ability to find , analyze and process scientific and technical information in the field of tourism activities using informational and communicational technologies-
  • skills and experience to translate and put into practice professional communication in the field of tourism in two foreign languages.

You will learn to:

1) in the field of project activity:
• possess the theoretical foundations of design, willingness to use the basic design techniques in tourism-
• implement projects in the tourism industry .
2) in the field of production and technological activities :
• develop a tourism product based on modern technology —
3) in the field of management and organizational activities :
• work in labor collectives enterprises in the tourism industry —
• organize the work of performers, make management decisions in the organization of tourism activity —
• calculate and assess the costs of organizing the activities of enterprises in the tourism industry.
4) in the field of service activities :
• use quality regulations , standardization and certification in the tourist industry —
• communicate effectively with consumers of tourism product —
• to carry out the process of the consumer service —
5) in the field of research :
• apply innovative technologies in tourism activities —
• use the methods of monitoring the market of tourist services-
• find, analyze and process scientific and technical information in tourist activity.

The peculiarity of bachelors’ training on Tourism -in Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities is an increased amount of hours targeted on studying two foreign languages. This will considerably enchance the competitiveness of our undergraduates on the market of tourist services.

The basis of educational process of speciality Tourism – Bachelor’s Degree Programme — is developed on base of conceptions «Business», «Neuro-linguistic programming», «Distant and virtual education» aimed at gaining additional knowledge on specific subjects. It will give our undergraduates an opportunity to apply their knowledge in any sphere of modern business and provide with a rapid career growth and competitive ability.

Areas of bachelors’ professional activity:

1) operator’s and agency activity (operated and agency services)-
2) hotel activity (hotel services)-
3) restaurant activity (public catering services)-
4) excursion activity (excursion services)-
5) transport service-
6) other services in the sphere of tourism.

Students of Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities — take a course «Life navigation» (unique innovative course recognized as one of best on forum «Seliger-2010»).

Students undergo a language training every year in the universities of England, France, Germany, China and other countries.

Contact information:
  • Kalyakin Anatoliy Serafimovitch
  • 8(495) 358-09-98

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