Ecology of Megacities


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Forms and terms of education: —
2.5 года
Branch of training: —
Ecology and Nature Management
Master&#039-s Degree Program: —
Ecology of Megacities
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Master in Ecology and Nature Management
Admission tests: —
Ecology (interview)

Master’s program Ecology of Cities at Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities:

  • is the only program in Russian Federation focusing on training of highly-qualified specialists for urban research and development projects-
  • the program instructs and prepares professionals strongly needed in urban management across the globe-
  • the program features studying of design technologies of sustainable urban environment-
  • the program is adapted to higher education graduates with no groundings in natural sciences.

Semester -1 Semester -2 Semester -3 Semester -4 Semester -5
Selected divisions of ecology
Legal foundations —
of nature management and international cooperation in urban environment control
WEB technologies in ecological research
Climatic problems of megalopolises
Defence of Master’s dissertation
State ecological expertise
Energy-saving technologies in urban environment
Transport problems of urban ecosystems
Modern problems of urban ecology and nature use
Environmental management and audit -ISO 14001-2004
Mathematical modeling of environmental processes and risks
Sociopolitical problems of megalopolises
Foreign language for special purposes

Environmental marketing

Spatial organization of megalopolises — Economic and ecological analysis of environmental impact of management decisions
Territorial management and planning
Environmental biotechnology in megalopolises Environmental and toxicological impacts of urbanization, etc.
Personnel management

Landscape architecture in the megalopolis

Documentation arrangement in ecology and environmental management

Urban natural conservation areas and ecotourism

курс по выбору


  • Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan
  • Tsitsin Main Botanical Gardens of the Russian Academy of Sciences-
  • Rosprirodnadzor
  • GPBU Mosecomonitoring
  • All-Russian Research Institute of Nature
  • Sergeyev Research Institute of Geoecology —

Master classes, meetings

  • Chernenkova T.V., Doctor of Biology. «GIS-technologies in urban environment estimation by means of biological objects»
  • Karfidova E.A., Candidate of Geography, Associate Professor, «Information technologies in Federal State Information System of Territorial Planning»-
  • Stepanov A.M., Doctor of physics and mathematics, Professor, «Urban settlement systems: challenges and prospective”


Diploma of “Master of Ecology and Nature management (Master’s Program Ecology of Megacities)


The competence of a graduate

  • ability to predict the environmental and economic impacts of managing decisions-
  • ability to unassistedly elaborate the section «Protection of Environment » of the project documentation-
  • preparation of the account for the implementation of environmental protection measures-
  • ability to implement the environmental management system ISO 14001-2004-
  • practical application of the methods of field and laboratory studies of megalopolises. —


  • Volga Polytechnic Institute (branch) of the Volgograd Technical University
  • Russian State Library for Youth
  • Research and Project Institute of Moscow City Master Plan
  • University Of Canberra, Australia-
  • Planning Association «Kesselberg» (Berlin)
  • University of Gdansk (Poland)

Contact information:
  • Eroshenko Vasily Ivanovich
  • (903)172-2240

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