Ecology and Nature Management


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Our location: underground station “Vihino”, bus №337 to the station “School” or bus № 209 to the station “Supermarket”


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Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
Branch of training: —
Ecology and Nature Management
Profile: —
Ecology and Nature Management
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of Ecology and Nature Management
Admission tests: —
Russian (USE), Geography(USE), Biology(USE).

The need to overcome the global environmental crisis involves the incorporation of environmental criteria as required and priority for all branches of human activity. The strategy of innovative development of Russia in the circumstances requires the training of human resources, aimed at optimizing the relationship between man and nature, ecological security on the basis of advanced domestic and foreign achievements.
The admission plan for 2014: budget — 20 seats, extra budgetary.
Cost of training: 106 000 rubles per year.

Bachelor of Environmental Science and Natural Resources can work in the federal and regional authorities in charge of environmental issues and environmental management, design, survey, research, production, marketing, consulting, economic, legal, educational, expert departments, in departments, offices, centers, companies, institutions concerned protecting the environment, the media, public organizations and foundations, as well representatives of foreign companies, performing the following professional activities:

  • research
  • design and production
  • auditing
  • administrative
  • pedagogical

In training of Bachelors in Environmental Science and Natural Resources in SMSUH we focus on the following professional competencies:

  • knowledge of chemical analysis methods , as well as methods of sampling and analysis of geological and biological samples —
  • skills of identification and characterization of biological diversity, its modern methods of quantitative evaluation of information processing —
  • knowledge of methods of landscape photography, landscape maps analytical skills —
  • ability to environmental education , the implementation of environmental education, environmental culture of different age groups-
  • readiness for documenting the results of professional activities .

You will learn:

1) in the sphere of researches:

• to organize scientific expedition-
• to plan and carry out — scientific experiment-
• to capture and process the results of research and practice work , make conclusions-
• to make an assessment of — ecological status of natural and human- natural — systems.

2) in the area of design and production activities :

• to carry out environmental impact assessment projects-
• to Identify areas of work to reduce the environmental impact on facilities and grounds —
• to propose solutions to improve the environmental safety of production facilities.

3) in the control and audit activities :

• to analyze the requirements of environmental standards —
• to make an assessment of — the compliance of the enterprise (organization) environmental standards —
• to identify the causes of ecological troubles and plan the — ways to overcome them.

4) in the field of administration :

• to provide correct cooperation with colleagues —
• to coordinate the activities of working groups —
• to prepare management documentation in the sphere of natural resources and environmental protection.

5) in the field of pedagogical activities :

• to diagnose the level of ecological culture of schoolchildren —
• to organize and conduct classes and extracurricular activities aimed to the development of ecological culture of the individual and people at all —
• to conduct workshops and volunteer actions in the sphere of environmental protection.

The distinctive features of the Ecology and Nature Management bachelor’s training in SMSUH are: 1) participation in real projects on natural and man-modified ecosystem dynamics assessment- 2) carrying out field study in the permanent study area in Lazinki, a village of Kaluga region- 3) the students undergo practice training in the Federal Service of Supervision in the Nature Management Sphere, Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The students take a course “Life Navigation”, the unique innovative course designed to cultivate versatile social competences (an initiative, a sense of responsibility, a focus on result, a sociability, a self-discipline, an ability to influence on others, an ability to reconcile the interests and etc.) of the students of SMSUH. They are necessary for successful realization of the career in the future.

Contact information:
  • Eroshenko Vasily Ivanovich
  • (495) 647 44 77, доб.3454

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