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Forms and terms of education: —
5 years
Branch of training: —
Profile: —
General Biology
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of Biology
Admission tests: —
Russian Language (in written form), Biology (in written form)

Biology is one of the fastest developing area of scientific thought, and a profession of biologist is in a top ten world’s professions in demand (according to the internet serveys), and it will stay there in prospect till 2025 in connection with the progress of biotechnology. Man has reconsidered his attitude to nature and turned a tsar of Nature into its friend trying to carry out natural laws and processes in technological production. The main thesis of modern society is to live in harmony with nature. Therefore a modern biologist is a man possessing a complex of knowledge about living organisms and their interaction with environment. The field of professional activity includes the researches of wildlife and its laws, the use of biological systems for economic and medical purposes, the nature preservation.

The admission plan for 2014: extra budgetary.
Cost of training: 40 000 rubles per year.

Bachelor of biology can work in commercial, non-commercial, public municipal research, scientific and production, design organizations- enviromental authoroties- educational institutions in accordance with the qualification requirements performing the following professional activities:

  • research and practice
  • scientific and production
  • design
  • organizational and managerial
  • pedagogical (as applicable)

In training of Bachelors in Biology SMSUH — focuses on the following professional competencies:

  • Ability to apply modern experimental methods for work with biological objects in the field and laboratory conditions , ability to work with modern equipment —
  • Using methods — of observation , description , identification, classification , cultivation of biological objects —
  • knowledge of biological diversity for their study and conservation in the biosphere —
  • Participation in — planning and implementation of activities to make assessment the state of the environment and wildlife protection.

You will learn:

1) in the field of research and practice activity:

• preparing of facilities and development of research methods-
• participation in laboratory and field studies on the biological given procedure-
• choice of means and methods of work, work on the experimental facilities, preparing of equipment-
• analysis of the resulting field and laboratory biological information with using of modern computer technology-
• participation in the preparation of research reports, surveys, publications.

2) in the field of scientific- production and — project activity:

• Control processes of biological production
• conducting of biomonitoring and evaluation of the state of the environment, planning and implementation of measures for protection of nature-
• the pursuance of field — biological research-
• processing and analysis of data obtained with the help of modern information technologies-
• the preparation and presentation of scientific and technical projects, reports.

3) in the field of management and organizational activities:

• Planning and implementation of environmental measures, evaluation and restoration of biological resources, management and optimization of natural resources-
• participation in the organization of field and laboratory work, seminars and conferences.

4) in the field of educational activities:

• preparing and holding classes on biology, ecology, chemistry in secondary school,
• planning and conducting excursion, educational and group work.

The distinctive feature of the Biology bachelor’s training in SMSUH is a practice oriented trend of training based on: 1) the systematization of employers’ needs that enables a student to study only the techniques, which are hot commodity in the labour market- 2) the accomplishments of modern Biology, that ensure personal and professional efficiency of the graduates, increase their competitiveness as a biologist.
The students take a course “Life Navigation”, the unique innovative course designed to cultivate versatile social competences (an initiative, a sense of responsibility, a focus on result, a sociability, a self-discipline, an ability to influence on others, an ability to reconcile the interests and etc.) of the students of SMSUH. They are necessary for successful realization of the career in the future.

Contact information:
  • Minkova Natalya Olegovna
  • (495) 376-96-11

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