Design. Graphical design


Faculty Address:
12A, ul. Mikhailova, Moscow

Phone: (499) 171-8015

Forms and terms of education: —
4 years
Branch of training: —
Profile: —
Graphical design
Graduate‘s qualification : —
Bachelor of Design
Admission tests: —
Literature (USE), Russian language (USE), A creative test: «Design» (a black-and-white and colored design of geometric and plant elements made by gouash, water color, gel pen or pencil) — during 4 hours.

The training of designers is held in the sphere of object world and habitat projecting, informational and visual space, and also systems, phenomenons and processes, connected with them. The designers will have professional knowledge, high intelligent, moral and personal degrees. They will be able to work and live in the conditions of modern civilization. They will regard to the cultural heritage carefully. And will be able to save and continue the Russian art’s traditions.

The admission plan for 2014: budget — 15 seats, extra budgetary.
Cost of training: full — time-144 000 rubles per year.,
part-time form — 78 000 rubles per year.

The results of education provides the following professional skills:

  • ­design, make use of design in practice of composing and remaking in the direction of any objects design- have the principles of choosing a technique of making a concrete design-
  • ­unshaded-architectonic construction and basis of — academic painting- basic skills of a sculptor-
  • ­modern print culture- procedure of modeling- procedure of working with color and colored compositions- methods and classical techniques of easel graphic works (graving, etching, epitopy, etc.)-
  • ­main rules and principals of typesetting and making up-
  • ­leading native and foreign experience of art construction- technical means of designing, methods of art construction, carrying out art-design works and technical calculation within art construction-
  • ­basis of working on PC, in programs of vector, raster and 3D graphic- an ability of working out a project idea, based on conceptual, creative policy of solving design problems- potential methods of harmonization of forms, structures, complexes and systems- complex of functional, composition solutions-
  • ­an ability of constructing objects, goods, industrial samples, collections, complexes, — buildings, things, preparation of a full number of documents concerning design-project for its realization, doing main estimation of a project-
  • ­knowledge of a production technique, principles of work, conditions of assembling and technical exploitation of working objects, technical characteristics and — features, which are used in project constructions.

The distinctive feature of — bachelor’s professional training in specialization “Graphical design” in SMSUH is providing of the following quality’s assurance: material and technical basis that provides high-quality mastering of the basic educational bachelor’s degree program i.e. the theme rooms, computer classes with the Internet access, specially equipped lecture rooms with multimedia demonstration complexes, participation of — employer in realization of the educational program- participation of — students in determination of — program’s content, students’ services, professional orientation and preparation of graduates.

Address of the faculty: 12A, Mikhailov St.

How to get there: — «Marxistkaya» metro station, trolleybus. № 63 from the center or «Ryazanskiy Prospect” metro station, trolley. — №63 to the centre till the stop «Stakhanov Street».

Contact information:
  • Balalov Victor Victorovich
  • 8 (985) 924-29-04

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