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Уфимский филиал

09 December 2013

Research and practice conference

Dear collegues! We invite you to take part in the research and practice conference “New Russia: vector of economic, socio-political and law development” dedicated to the consideration of the endemic problem of Russian society development.

The conference will take place on December 17, 2013 based on SMSUH Ufa branch.The next questions will be discussed:

  • The part of law and order in the modern period;
  • Novel “Education act: problems and prospects”;
  • Evolution of Russian law;
  • Problems of organization and realization of national and municipal authorities cooperation;
  • Problems of legislative framework of entrepreneurial business in modern Russia;
  • Cooperation of old and new in the economy of modern Russia;
  • Problems of Russian and world economy cooperation ;
  • Ways of social sphere management development ;
  • Social partnership in new Russia;
  • System of culture, economy and politics cooperation;
  • Problems of public and municipal authorities transparency.