Faculty Address:
9, Ryazanskiy avenue, Moscow

How to get there:
- Metro station Marksistskaya, trolleybus number 63, 16, to the station «Karacharovo»
- from Kursky railway station to the stop «Karacharovo», 2 minutes on foot

Phone: (499) 171-0626



Faculty of Psyhology and Managment of Human Resources

SMSUH Faculty of Psyhology and Managment of Human Resources is an active developing scientific-and-practical base for training specialists for developing of human potencial - psyhologists and HR-managments.

The pecularities of educational process's organization

  • optimized combination of classical education and innovative technologies;
  • scientific laborataries of positive psyhology, psyhodiagnostics, tools' lie detecting;
  • workshops of human managment, construction of educational systems with given properties, innerfirm's training, staff's selection and screening; building of the system of profetional attributions and career's development, psyhodiagnostics and consulting, training, coaching etc.;
  • the only unique master's programs in Russia on Positive psyhology and tool's lie detecting;
  • the unique opportunity of convertion of trendsetting technology of goal-direction and for building of personal life navigation.

Our professors are the founders of the leading scientific schools, professionals-experts, spetialists in the sphere of psyhology and human resourses managment, who are recognized in Russia and all over the world.

We prepare:

  • consults-phyhologists;
  • HR-managers and directors for the staff in commercial organizations;
    business-instructors, business-consultants, coachers;
  • spesialists for work with staff in governamential structures, power-wielding agencies and ministries;
  • specialists for tool and non-tool lie detecting;
  • teachers for psyhology and scientists-researchers;
  • professionals, who are able to create and develope their own business in the sphere of psyhology and HR managment.