30 July 2015

The seminar "Life strategies and social practices of active longevity"

July 22, 2015 the academic talk and seminar, delivered by PhD in Political Sciences Dmitry V. Chizhov, was held as part of the international scientific program of Russian Institute for Advanced Study (RIAS) Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.

At the Seminar there were presented the results of social and sociological research project "Life strategies and social practices of active longevity of Russian senior citizens of the third age".

The project contributed to the development of mechanisms to facilitate the active longevity of people of the third age, as well as solutions to the problems of employment and social activity of senior generation.

The study covered such aspects of life of senior people as labor, social, cultural, recreational and physical activities, health issues, social well-being, government support and others.

Expert comments were made by the research team member Roman E. Bumagin (PhD in Social Sciences, Director General of the Communications Agency "Refakta", consultant in sociological research on methodology issues).

Best experience in the domain of active longevity was shared by Expert Seminar participants:  Irina A. Yerasova (Deputy Director of Social Services and Rehabilitation Department Ministry of Social Development, Moscow region), Nina A. Feoktistova (Director  "Klin  Complex Social Services Center"), Svetlana V. Zadorozhnyuk (Director "Center of social services for the senior population and the disabled" Serpukhov board and care facility "), Galina Yu. Sokoreva (Director "Shchelkovo Complex Social Services Center"), Dmitry M. Davydov  (leading researcher at Institute of General Pathology and Pathophysiology RAMS, PhD in Medicine).