About University

Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities is one of the major institutes of higher education in Russia in the field of technologies for the humanities and applied knowledge for the humanities.

Our university was founded as Moscow State Correspondence Pedagogical Institute (MSCPI) after the decree of Council of Ministers of the USSR from the 28th April 1951. Throughout its history our University was quickly developing, it was renamed several times, when new branches of training were added, thus the status of University became higher. MSCPI, MSOPI, MSOPU – these are our University’s names in times past.

Now we are Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities, one of the major universities of higher education in the country. More than a hundred of thousand highly qualified specialists graduated from the University throughout its 60 years history. Branches of university are located in 9 cities of the Russian Federation. At this time more than 20 000 students are studying at university including students from abroad.


Sholokhov University unites long-standing traditions of good quality education and modern technologies for the humanities and IT-technologies, which are used extensively in the process of education. The University provides all levels of the educational ladder.

Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities is the most fast-devolving University of 2009-2010. We start new directions and new branches of studies, including organization of work with the youth, keeping traditions of University’s establishment as a methodological leader in the sphere of applied knowledge and technology for the humanities.

Program of development

In 2011 Sholokhov University won the project of State support for strategic development of the University. -With a foundation of the University and the leading Institute in the sphere of state youth policy and work with youths status we follow up — we’re becoming the Institute in which researches, development and educational programs are aimed at the preparation of a specialist who can organize his knowledge about human beings, society, man-nature and man-computer communication in technologies of soft values realization, promotion of specified senses, cultural values through the work with people and communication.

Our strategical projects

  • Development of Federal coordination center of human resources —
  • Development of volunteers’ training center —
  • Creation of Accessibility and “Smart enviroment” in the University