Faculty Address:
Moscow, ul. Third Vladimirskaya, 7

Phone: (495) 672-1250




Faculty of journalism

SMSUH Faculty of journalism is a unique and fastest growing in the country.

Peculiarities of the educational process
From the first course students get into the unique educational milieu of the Faculty and start working in conditions of convergent editorship of full range. SMSUH multimedia journalistic center is a professional telecasting studio, modern Newsroom, Press-center, internet-redaction, professional positioning equipment, poll of young students-correspondents which make many-sided variety of journalistic tasks and a group of experts which help new entries to master profession from the first days of their study.

Students specialize in new media and multimedia journalism studies, in technologies and methods of journalist’s creativity; they master preparing techniques for tele-, radio transmission, creation and promotion of internet-media in the Center of multi-media journalism and on the base of the Faculty partners’ praxis.

Having got the background knowledge from highly-skilled teachers and seasoned journalists of Russia, SMSUH Faculty of journalism graduates are prepared for a job in newspapers, magazines, news organizations, on TV and radio, network media, PR-structures.