Faculty Address:
16-18, ul. Verkhnaya Radishevskaya, Moscow

Phone: 8-495-647-4477 (ext. 1711, 1714).



Faculty of History

SMSUH faculty of history is the golden fund of the russian education. The faculty gives the fundamental univercity's training, based on classical ad contemporary educational techniques.

In our faculty's academic staff are not only highly-qualified specialists, but even the founders of historical schools - DSc, professors Antonova T.V., Yurev A.I., Zhiryakov I.G., Mihajlovskij F.A. and others, who provides the depth and quality of knowledge of masters and bachelors in educational direction "History". And different types of practises plays an important role in student's self-determination and helps them to get some practical skills.

The unique pecularity of the faculty is archeological underwater practise, in which students take part in archeological expedetion in the diggings of an acient Greec city Patrey in the Taman peninsula. Here students gets not only skills of archeological work in expedetions, but also skills of diving.

If you want to know everything from Egyptian piramids and hangover of Maya's tribe to contemporary political processes. If you want to find all connections of the past, future and present you should join our faculty!

Moreover, the SMSUH faulty of history is situated in the historical center of Moscow in 3 minutes walk from the underground's station "Taganskaya-circle", in 10 minutes walk from Rudomino library of foreign literature and in 20 minutes walk from Moscow State Historical Public Library.