Faculty Address:
59, ul. Krasnodarskaya, Moscow

Phone: (495) 358-3009



Faculty of Foreign Languages and International Communication

Faculty of foreign languages and international communication of SMUSH is, first of all, a community of professionals. 

Training areas are:
Linguistics (theory of translation)
Pedagogical education (foreign language)
High-class academic staff, the combination of innovations and traditional training methods, of theory and intensive language practice, creative strategy of teaching, positive attitude towards the students and the interest of the latter in becoming highly skilled specialists. All this creates the Faculty atmosphere, assists in achieving the main objectives, in developing a self- confident and self-reliant specialist, a graduate student of Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.
We can offer you:
- At least two languages to study from the first year at the University – English, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese – choose whatever you like!
- Real language practice from the first year of education, various trainings, an opportunity to become a volunteer, basic knowledge in spheres of world affairs, Economics, administration, education and culture.
Having two professional diplomas is a standard thing for our graduates. As a result after the graduation there are no unemployed students. Statistics shows that if a person knows at least one foreign language, salary goes up by 10-50%.