Telephone number:  (495)376-1668
Multichannel phone: (495)647-4477
Extra phone numbers: *3131, *3132, *3133

The Admission committees address:
Moscow, Tashkentskaya Street, 18, building 4
Traffic way:
From “Kuzminki” underground station – the buses # 99, 143, 169, minibus taxi # 332m, 337m to the “School” station;
From “Vykhino” underground station – the bus # 209 to the department store “Universam” station, the bus # 169, minibus taxi # 337m to the “School” station

Mail addresses –
The legal address of the University:
109240, Moscow, Verkhnaya Radishevskaya Street, 16-18, Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities (for Admission committee).
Any digital documents are not accepted.



The Day of National Cultures

On the 18th of November at 2pm we will be holding a unique event in university building “Ryazanka” that will unite all students at the university - the Day of National Cultures.

Technology to build education systems with specified properties

We invite you to participate in the V International scientific-practical conference «Technology to build education systems with specified properties», which will be held on November 27-28, 2014 at the Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities.

Fascinaton of Magnetic Field

October 29, 2014 in the educational building "Ryazanka" will be a lecture of Professor Tanimoto (Japan) "Fascinaton of Magnetic Field".

Discussing dopobrazovaniya parents of preschool children

October 25 - 27 Faculty of Education held a seminar on Russian discussion and evaluation of programs of additional education of parents of preschool children.


Admission Committee

 Dear graduates!

 Student's years are th184 e best years of your life full of joyful new and valuable experience, new friends, teachers and interests, love... You are probably aware of it, aren’t you? This is absolutely true!
We are glad to help you to choose a faculty and specialization for you not only to become a student and get qualitative and challenging education, but also to enjoy studying at our University.
Make all your wishes real!

  Working hours from June 20st till August 31st 2014



















day off


Working hours of Admission Committee from September 20st till December 31st 2012


*Saturday and Sunday are working days if they were included in regulations of Admission Committee.


You can give in your documents to apply for a higher educational programme since June 20st 2014.

 You should have the following documents to apply:
1. Document to verificate your personality and citizenship or its copy (passport copy is better).
2. Education certificate with enclosure or its copy
3. Document (and its copy) that verificates change of your surname if there are different surnames in passport and in your education certificate.
4. Document to verificate your available allowances.

Work schedule of Admission Committee will be announced additionaly.
Graduates can give in their documents personally to Admission Committee or send an application form and all necessary documents via post service, adressing to: 109240, Moscow, Verkhnyaya Radishchevskaya str., 16/18, SMSUH (for Admission Committee) in accordance with admission terms. Please be informed that we do not approve documents sent via e-mail.   

Enrollment terms:
  starting from June 20st, 2014

The deadline for application

Graduate category

5 July

Those who apply for full time and part time  master’s programm and who pass additional creative or/and professional entry examination

10 July

Those who apply for full time and part time master’s programm according to the results of Shokhov Moscow State University for the Humanities according to inner entral examination

25 July

Those who apply for full time and part time  master’s programm according to Unified State Exam results only

5 August

Those who apply for full time and part time  master’s programm (state financed)

15 August

Those who apply for full time and part time  master’s programm (non state financed)

  13 September

Those who apply for extramural bachelor's programm (state financed)

15 November

Those who apply for extramural master’s or bachelor's programm (non state financed)